ISUOG is participating in the World Pre-eclampsia Day to bring greater awareness to the prevention, diagnosis and management of pre-eclampsia.

Pre-eclampsia is a leading cause of maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality and is one of the most difficult challenges facing obstetric medicine.

Virtual Issue of UOG

UOG virtual issue on pre-eclampsia

In recognition of World Pre-eclampsia Day on 22nd May 2021, Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology has compiled a Virtual Issue containing a selection of recent papers on this condition affecting 2–8% of all pregnancies and representing a leading cause of maternal and fetal morbidity and mortality worldwide.

Included in the Virtual Issue are ISUOG Guidelines on the role of ultrasound in screening for and follow-up of pre-eclampsia, and studies on topics such as screening for pre-eclampsia in the three trimesters of pregnancy, aspirin for prevention of pre-eclampsia, and maternal cardiovascular function in affected pregnancies.

All articles are FREE to read for a limited period.

View the virtual issue now.

Basky Thilaganathan explains why you should read the virtual issue


Kypros Nicolaides lecture on risk assessment for pre-eclampsia 

Kyrpos Nicolaides lecture on risk assessment for PE

Create a free ISUOG account for the opportunity to watch last year’s 2020 ISUOG World Congress plenary lecture from Kypros Nicolaides on risk assessment for pre-eclampsia. Please create your free ISUOG account or log in if you are a member before accessing the lecture below.

Watch Kypros Nicolaides' lecture on risk assessment for pre-eclampsia


Recent video abstract on ophthalmic artery Doppler in the prediction of pre-eclampsia 

UOG video abstract: Ophthalmic artery Doppler pre-eclampsia

Watch the UOG Journal video abstract on ophthalmic artery Doppler in combination with other biomarkers in the prediction of pre‚Äźeclampsia at 19–23 weeks' gestation, by Sapantzoglou and colleagues.


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