Upper Egypt is historically one of the most disadvantaged areas in the country. For a week in November, the ISUOG Outreach team was privileged to work on a training program with 21 medical practitioners from Egypt. The ultimate aim of the program was to improve women’s healthcare in the local community.

The program was led by Professor Mohammed Kamal, Project Lead and ISUOG Ambassador to the MENA region. Collaborating with a team of five trainers from Egypt, he guided the enthusiastic trainees through a week of intensive learning and assessment. 

The Egypt Outreach program

ISUOG Outreach is dedicated to advancing healthcare for women by supporting countries in delivering high-quality and accessible care. By addressing the healthcare disparities prevalent in disadvantaged areas, ISUOG’s programs initiate a ripple effect that positively impacts the overall health landscape of lower resource countries. By sharing knowledge and skills, ISUOG Outreach aims to empower healthcare providers, foster long-term systemic improvements, and ultimately contribute to the well-being of women on a global scale. 

In a significant stride toward advancing healthcare in Egypt, ISUOG Outreach worked with local partners on the Outreach program to improve medical capabilities. This initiative was organised, in collaboration with partners including the Egyptian Ministry of Health, Mindray, the Governorate of Fayoum, Egyptian Fetal Medicine Foundation and the Egyptian General Health Authority.

Members of the Outreach Egypt team and alumni - November 2023
Empowering healthcare: ISUOG Outreach brings Ultrasound education to the heart of Fayoum, Egypt.

ISUOG Outreach presents a unique opportunity

Having previously undergone training in the earlier stages of the program, the group was keen to build on their learning. This stage marked a pivotal milestone in the process, potentially opening the door for them to become trainers themselves and share their acquired knowledge at a local level. 

During a week of intensive learning, the trainees had unique access to expert trainers and simulators which helped to bring the diverse program to life. It gave them practical insights that they could use in their own local practices.

Training started with pre-assessments, including a theoretical multiple-choice exam and hands-on practical assessments involving the scanning of selected images. 

Through a dynamic blend of theoretical and practical learning the trainees gained:

  • Shared insights: By sharing experiences and unusual scenarios encountered during scanning, trainees learned from each other, enriched their collective knowledge and refined their diagnostic and presentation skills. 
  • Hands-on practical training sessions: With the help of 90 local patients, who generously volunteered for free ultrasound scans, trainees received valuable practice. Also, it benefited the patients and provided a great opportunity for community engagement. 
  • Access to ultrasound simulators: Trainees were able to get rare hands-on experience with OPUS ultrasound simulators. The simulators provided a realistic environment for trainees to safely hone their scanning techniques and diagnostic skills, while preparing for real-life situations.

Successful trainees will become the trainers

In the next exciting phase of the Egypt Outreach program, scheduled for 2024 in Luxor, successful trainees will take the next steps towards becoming trainers. Under the supervision of ISUOG trainers, potential sonographers will collaborate with potential trainers to enhance their skills and dedication to their craft. 

The journey from trainee to trainer signifies not only personal growth, but a collective stride towards a healthier and more resilient healthcare system in Egypt. Those destined to become trainers in Phase 2 will undoubtedly inspire the next generation and foster a continuous cycle of knowledge and excellence. 

ISUOG Outreach looks forward to seeing the transformation of trainees into the skilled healthcare professionals who will pass on valuable knowledge to improve women’s health in their communities.

ISUOG extends its thanks

ISUOG extends its heartfelt gratitude to all those who are dedicated to advancing women's healthcare in Egyptian communities and instrumental in achieving the program's goals.

The success of this phase of the Egypt Outreach Program, wouldn’t be possible without the unwavering support of its partners and the dedicated efforts of individuals including Prof Mohammed Kamal, Dr Mona Aboulghar, Dr Amria Raouf, Dr Hassan Gaafar, Dr Marwa Radwan, Dr Ahmad Khatib, Dr Sami Mahmoud (ISUOG Outreach Trainer, Sudan), Prof Hisham Mirghani (Chair, Outreach Committee), Dr Mohammed Ebrahim and Dr Titia Cohen-Overbeek.

We also extend our gratitude to the Egyptian Ministry of Health, Fayoum University Hospital, Mindray, the Governorate of Fayoum, Egyptian Fetal Medicine Foundation, Egyptian General Health Authority and the generous women who worked at the Fayoum syndicate. 

Also, to the trainees for their unwavering dedication and enthusiasm and their commitment to learning. Their progress is a testament to their hard work and the positive impact they are determined to make.