Today, we celebrate International Day of the Midwife, recognizing the invaluable contributions and impact of midwives worldwide in improving women’s health.

This year's theme, "Midwives: A Vital Climate Solution," highlights the role midwives play in mitigating the impact of climate change. Our community recognizes that integrating ultrasound into midwifery education and practice can enhance diagnostic accuracy and efficiency, potentially reducing unnecessary interventions. This, in turn, can contribute to more effective healthcare delivery and may lead to reduced healthcare-related carbon emissions.

Prof. Tullio Ghi addresses the critical professional interaction between obstetricians and midwives, highlighting its importance in optimizing antenatal, intrapartum and postpartum care outcomes. Recognizing the significance of ultrasound for midwives, he emphasizes its role in facilitating more efficient and accurate diagnoses.

International Day of the Midwife with Prof. Tullio Ghi

ISUOG trustee, Dr Aly Youssef reinforces ultrasound's pivotal role in fostering collaboration between midwives and physicians, serving as an important tool in the labour ward. With advancements like AI, its accessibility and global utilisation among healthcare professionals are on the rise.

International Day of the Midwife with ISUOG Trustee, Dr Aly Youssef

The opportunity to engage midwives at ISUOG, a leading society in the world of obstetrics and ultrasound, presents an ideal opportunity to unite these two communities and shape the role of the midwife for the next century. We hope to cultivate sustainability, competence, and advanced knowledge among midwives, ensuring they remain at the forefront of maternal and fetal care.