ISUOG trustee Prof. Asma Khalil and Prof. John Hyett come together for a new episode of the ISUOG podcast, shining a spotlight on the topic of pre-eclampsia.

With years of focus on pre-eclampsia, both Prof. Khalil and Prof. Hyett are deeply involved in research aimed at identifying better tools for its prediction and prevention. They both have an interest in pre-eclampsia and have both worked in units that have contributed substantial data on the concept of first-trimester prediction and prevention. This research has been instrumental in advancing understanding in this field.

There is a growing recognition that pregnancy plays a significant role in lifelong maternal health, with many implications for long-term well-being. Thus, raising awareness of conditions like pre-eclampsia is crucial for implementing interventions that mitigate risks and improve lifelong maternal health outcomes.

In this episode, both speakers offer their regional perspectives on pre-eclampsia management and discuss potential approaches to the condition. They explore the benefits and considerations of early induction of labour at 37 weeks and its appropriateness across different populations. Additionally, they examine the use of aspirin, evaluating its risks and benefits, and analyse regional evidence on its widespread use. A key focus of their discussion is on identifying effective screening tests for high-risk groups and considering the potential benefits of later screening in identifying women who will develop pre-eclampsia.

Furthermore, they explore the role of AI and machine learning in predicting pre-eclampsia. While these technologies hold promise, it is crucial to introduce suitable algorithms cautiously, tailored to specific populations, to provide women with accurate risk assessments.

These are just some of the key questions and considerations raised in their insightful discussion. To listen to this powerful and informative dialogue, tune in on Spotify here


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