As we reach the end of March, drawing near to the end of Endometriosis Awareness Month, ISUOG is excited to present another Spotify episode on the topic, and introduce expert Dr Pietro Bortoletto.

This episode, featuring Dr Mathew Leonardi and Dr Pietro Bortelotto, initiates a valuable discussion with respects to endometriosis and infertility, focusing on those who are encountering challenges with conception. This informative conversation highlights the two kinds of endometriosis patients that clinicians encounter: those who have been already diagnosed, and those experiencing symptoms without a diagnosis.


The experts emphasize the significance of fine-tuning their approach to these patients, aiming to match treatment algorithms to the symptoms exhibited by their patients in order to achieve the best possible outcomes. As healthcare systems vary across different locations, they reflect on how this can influence decision-making regarding diagnostic evaluations. Whether clinicians choose ultrasound or MRI-centric approaches depends on their expertise and comfort with each modality.

The episode delves into the clinical and surgical aspects involved in treating endometriosis and explores the pivotal role that imaging plays. Ultimately, one of the main objectives of this podcast episode is to share the experience of respected practioneers with people from all over the world who are eager to learn about the latest developments of endometriosis.

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