We are welcoming over 2,600 delegates from 115 countries.

Professors Caterina Bilardo, Tom Bourne and Stuart Campbell, have started this historic Congress with a talk which celebrates 30 years of our global ISUOG community.

A selection of some of the amazing
All timings are British Summer Time - London

• 08:40 Scan demonstration: Approach to evaluating the fetus with an arrhythmia, Julene Carvalho (part of Workshop: The broken heart: detection and correction) - Auditorium 1
• 08:40 How to perform laser surgery in cases of selective fetal growth restriction? Lessons from a "live" surgery, Eduard Gratacos (part of Workshop: The future of fetal surgery) - Auditorium 2
• 10:20 In conversation with Nick Raine-Fenning: the role of 3D ultrasound and using ultrasound to assess fertility patients - Hub 1
• 11:30 Video masterclass: matching the ultrasound picture to the surgical findings in endometriosis patients, George Condous (part of Masterclass: How to use ultrasound to investigate and manage women with endometriosis who are struggling to conceive?) - Auditorium 3
• 14:10 Basic Training’s 20+2 Planes Approach to Case Unknown – Hub 1
• 18:20 Risk assessment for pre-eclampsia, Kypros Nicolaides - Auditorium 1
• And much much more!

View the detailed program for each day of the Congress here.