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MRI, AI and new technology



Saturday 17 October - Full program available here.

Workshop: Artificial intelligence in imaging

  • Understanding the basis of AI in ultrasound - Alison Noble (UK) 

  • AI in the detection of fetal brain anomalies - Xie Hong-Ning (China)

  • Using AI to get a solution to genetic conditions - Julien Stirnemann (France)

  • Machine learning in fetal heart assessment - Fatima Crispi (Spain)

  • Virtual navigation by ultrasound and magnetic resonance: what are the main benefits? - Heron Werner (Brazil)

  • Use of image recognition/ workflow solutions 

  • Use cases discussion - Helen Feltovich (USA), Lior Drukker (UK)

OC: Advances in imaging - details available here.

Masterclass: Keeping up with the latest developments in imaging

  • How artificial intelligence in ultrasound imaging could change obstetric care - Aris Papageorghiou (UK)

  • MRI: from form to function - Ellen Grant (USA)