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Meet ISUOG’s Ambassadors 

ISUOG’s new Ambassador program aims to support membership growth and provide educational opportunities in underrepresented regions of the world. The following Ambassadors have been appointed in recognition of the work they are already doing to further ISUOG’s mission to improve education in key regions and to support our continued membership development: 

Dr Reem Abu-Rustum

Lebanon and Outreach in the Middle East


"My ISUOG membership over the past decade has empowered me to establish SANA Medical NGO in North Lebanon, modelled on ISUOG Outreach. This has been a most gratifying experience: spreading ISUOG's teachings and providing training to midwives and nurses in our neediest underserved areas. Our trainees are now enabled to provide comprehensive antenatal care, positively impacting the lives of under-resourced Lebanese mothers as well as Syrian refugees."

Dr Prashant Acharya

India and South Asia

"Working with ISUOG has been a lifetime opportunity. The Society has helped me provide better knowledge of Ultrasonography in Obstetrics and Gynecology to our part of the world. In 2012 I organised ISUOG’S 8th International Symposium in New Delhi attracting more than 600 new members. ISUOG’s Symposium will be returning to New Delhi in 2015 and we are expecting to add more than 600 new members to ISUOG again. Our improved relations and efforts will give strength to the wonderful and herculean efforts of ISUOG in improving fetal and maternal health across the world."

Fabricio da Silva Costa

Brazil and Australia

"It was with great pleasure I was able to help to expand ISUOG's mission to Brazil and Australia. By promoting our society in Brazil (through a partnership with the FEBRASGO) and in Australia (through a partnership with ASUM and RANZCOG) we are attracting new members for the society and delivering in these regions high level education activities through ISUOG Approved Courses."

Ehigha Enabudoso

Nigeria and West Africa (Anglophone)

"Working with ISUOG in the last few years has been very rewarding. Realizing the unmet need for high quality Obstetric and Fetal ultrasound in the West African sub-region, we challenged ourselves to make positive impact through the organization of the now widely acclaimed ISUOG approved workshop in Obstetric Ultrasound and Fetal Medicine in Benin City, Nigeria. We also put up relevant ultrasound courses by renowned experts for free on our website:  
A lot of practitioners now have the opportunity to actualize their dream of being able to confidently carry out Feto-Maternal imaging of acceptable standard. The introduction of practitioners to ISUOG membership platform and facilitating ISUOG livestream educational events has also benefitted many. We hope to break new grounds in promoting imaging as a tool for stemming maternal and perinatal mortality in the sub-region."

Dr Lisbet Hanson

North America and Outreach in Haiti

"For many women in the developing world, having an ultrasound becomes a point of entry into the medical system, a chance to have their blood pressure measured, their urine checked for protein, or blood drawn for hemoglobin. High-risk pregnancies can be identified and patients triaged for appropriate care. I have been fortunate to be part of nine ISUOG training programs to Haiti, Ghana and Somaliland. As one of our trainees from Haiti Outreach put it from his experience "....Not only have I gained a colleagues and friends but ISUOG gained its’ first volunteer from Haiti. Who knows, maybe someday the ISUOG Congress will be held in Haiti!"

Professor Mauricio Herrera

Colombia and Latin America

"Through my ISUOG membership I have delivered 14 ISUOG Approved courses in Latin America, since 2006, attracting around 300 delegates to each course and taking great care to share with the quality educational opportunities that the Society provides. I was also pleased to organise ISUOG’s 9th International Symposium in Columbia, attracting 550 delegates from the regions and introducing them to ISUOG. Since then I have also contributed to translating ISUOG’s guidelines, helping to extend the reach of the Society into my region."

Professor Ashok Khurana

India and South Asia

"In a country where more mothers and newborns die than anywhere else in the world, there has been an increasing need to incorporate quality ultrasound in antenatal care. It has been heartening to s ee the change in the way ultrasound scans are now carried out in many parts of my country. ISUOG’s education has played a major role in this. I have drawn hugely on the name and academic content of ISUOG to run major ISUOG events in New Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kochi and Mumbai as well as smaller, personalised courses. This has included professing ultrasound guidelines, projecting guidelines for the appropriate use of Doppler studies and spreading awareness of ISUOG's online academic content. Future direction includes taking the mission of ISUOG to the remotest areas, increasing awareness of the utility of ISUOG educational material in gynecological ultrasound, and increasing the visibility of the White Journal."

Prof BABA Kazunori


"I gave presentations on 3D ultrasound and endovaginal scanning in the 1st World Congress of ISUOG in 1991. Since then, I attended ISUOG congress almost every year. I continued appealing to Japanese OB/GYN doctors to attend ISUOG congress as the president and secretary general of Japan Society of Maternal and Fetal Medicine for more than 10 years. I have always said that ISUOG would give us latest knowledge and best education on ultrasound in OB/GYN. Japan is now one of the countries with many participants, but not enough. I will continue to do my best as an ISUOG Ambassador."

Dr Asma Khalil

Egypt and North Africa

"I am committed to supporting ISUOG’s membership growth and providing educational opportunities in underrepresented regions of the world. I have contributed to the Society’s scientific program, speaking at their Intensive education courses and even running two Approved courses of my own, which have become popular in their own right. One of these courses takes place in Egypt, the other in the UK, where there is a shortage in opportunities for basic training in the field. Through these initiatives I have introduced more than 70 new members to the Society in the last year alone and strive to continue delivering ISUOG’s resources in areas where there is most in need."

Dr KY Leung


"It is my pleasure and honour to be an ISUOG Ambassador. In line with ISUOG’s strategy, I will continue supporting O&G ultrasound education activities in China to improve the standard and safety of local ultrasound practice, and thus women’s health. I have so far supported through co-Chairing the 10th International Symposium in Beijing, attracting more than 400 local delegates and running Approved courses in the area to bring ISUOG’s teaching to professionals in China. Furthermore, with the joint effort of my colleagues I translated some of ISUOG’s practice guidelines into Chinese to further support the dissemination of best practice in the field."

Dr Chander Lulla

 India and South Asia

"I recently conducted an ISUOG Approved course, in collaboration with INSUOG  and attracted over 700 delegates, therefore introducing many practitioners to ISUOG's education and membership resources."

Professor Wellington Martins


"I’ve coordinated the translation of the ISUOG Clinical Standards Committee guidelines into Portuguese (Brazil) and I’ve divulged the free membership for trainees in Ob-Gyn and/or Ultrasound in Brazil. I greatly enjoyed these tasks because I believe these will improve the quality of ultrasound scans in Portuguese-speaking countries, particularly in Brazil."

Dr Hisham Mirghani

United Arab Emirates and the Middle East


"It gives me great pleasure to accept the invitation to become an ISUOG Ambassador. I hope I will be able to contribute to ISUOG training, educational, and research activities in my region. I believe that the potentials for ISUOG in the region and other parts of the world with similar backgrounds are huge."

Dr Airen Sigue


Considered as the leading medical and academic institution in the Philippines , St. Luke's Medical Center - Global City, Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology provided the first ISUOG Approved course in the Philippines - an interactive and comprehensive entitled “4th International Congress, Advances &Innovations in OBGYN, A Global Perspective” ( February 11-13, 2015). This course had 301 delegates and brought in 224 new members to ISUOG. I'm honored by this new appointment- as one of the ISUOG Ambassadors to the Philippines and would like to thank ISUOG for their appreciation of our achievements and for this exciting yet challenging role. I'm looking forward to participate and provide significant contributions in the fulfillment of the Vision and Mission of ISUOG . We will gladly appreciate support for continuing medical education- through updates, research and workshops for the OBGYN specialists/ sub-specialists in our country which will further provide good clinical outcomes for the benefit of our patients.

Dr Elena Sinkovskaya


As an ISUOG Ambassador for Russia, I see my mission as promoting the safe and effective use of ultrasound in women’s health. This is accomplished through professional education of medical care specialists and providing access to the latest research and clinical guidelines in their native language. To reach this goal, we established an educational course entitled “Advances in Prenatal Diagnosis of Congenital Abnormalities” in collaboration with the Russian Association of Specialists in Ultrasound Diagnostics in Medicine (RASUDM). This ISUOG approved course has had a lot of success in the past 5 years and attracts about 500 participants from Russia and surrounding countries annually.

Dr. Walfrido Sumpaico


Our ultrasound unit is within the Manila Central University- Filemon D Tanchoco College of Medicine and Hospital premises. We have been in operation for 23 years and have graduated about 400 medical specialists who trained for 1 year and passed our local PSUOG's examinations but they stay mostly in the big cities and towns.

Last year, we held our 1st ISUOG-sponsored ultrasound course in OB-GYN with 574 joining the Core Membership (~10% of 2015 ISUOG members) and we plan to have another ISUOG-sponsored course in Cebu 2016. We need ISUOG to maintain a high level of current information and new procedures for our members. Another project where ISUOG can help is to help us to bring basic ultrasound technology to the periphery where basic health services are needed.

Dr Fred Ushakov

Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia

"I am motivated to train and support doctors in other countries and to help them to protect and preserve the health of mothers and unborn babies. I run many ultrasound and fetal medicine courses in the UK (ISUOG supported courses), Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Peru, Portugal, Russia (ISUOG supported courses), Turkey and Ukraine.  Many of my colleagues (especially young specialists) have no opportunity to participate in expensive international congresses and courses. The emerging role of ISUOG is to develop low cost, high quality courses and to local medical communities by providing friendly, responsive and effective programs of ultrasound training and assistance."

Dr Qingqing Wu


"I have an absolute commitment to ultrasound education and since 2012 I have held an annual ISUOG Approved course - the first three were in Beijing and from 2015 we have been going to other provinces. These have been attracting around 400 – 500 delegates, and from this I have introduced around 300 people each year to the Society."

Professor Abdennour Youcef-Khodja

Algeria and North Africa

"During my time as an ISUOG member I have supported membership development in Algeria and North Africa through the provision of ISUOG endorsed education courses in the region. I am proactive in identifying opportunities to promote the society’s resources through partnerships with locally run courses. In 2013, the ARGOPC course in Algeria attracted 82 participants who were enrolled as ISUOG members and received ultrasound training and access to plenary lectures and workshops. I hope this year repeats these successes and introduce more trainees to ISUOG’s membership and resources."

Dr Aly Youssef

Egypt and North Africa

"I have regularly organised, with the help of many local and international speakers, basic and advanced ultrasound courses in Egypt (and other countries in the middle-east). Many of these courses were ISUOG approved. It is always a pleasure to meet young people eager to learn, and to see year after year the positive feedback and the growing interest in prenatal diagnosis and ISUOG activities". 


Look out for our Ambassadors at our Congresses and events, who will be wearing red lapel pins.

ISUOG Advisory membership group
All our Ambassadors will form part of ISUOG’s new Advisory membership group, set up to ensure more representation and feedback from across our membership on new activities, membership benefits and important Society decisions.

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