Committees provide focus areas for ISUOG activities and are key vehicles for developing and progressing the objectives of the Society. The Board of Trustees should be represented on the Committees and the work of the Committees is directly supported by nominated Staff at the ISUOG Secretariat.

Clinical Standards Committee

The Clinical Standards Committee (CSC) aims to improve and standardise medical practice guidelines for the use of diagnostic imaging procedures in obstetrics and gynecology.

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board manages the day-to-day editorial flow of the Society’s official journal, Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology. They ensure the highest possible scientific standard for the journal and constantly seek ways to improve all aspects of the editorial, review and publication processes. They support the Chair of the group, the Editor-in-Chief of the journal. 

Education Committee

The Education Committee comprises the core Committee and seven Sub-Committees (former Task Forces). It is responsible for the effective progression and maintenance of the various educational activities of the Society. These include ISUOG Education courses, ISUOG Approved courses, VISUOG and the development of new education media.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of ISUOG takes a critical role in helping the Board set policies and goals for the Society, and is delegated to act for the Board in some of the day-to-day activities of the Society, such as providing direction to the Executive Director.

Finance & Risk Committee

The Finance & Risk Committee evaluates financial matters relating to ISUOG on an ongoing basis. The Committee also oversees and supports the management of ISUOG’s financial reporting, audit as well as risk and reserves management.

Honours Committee

ISUOG conveys several awards to worthy recipients through different channels. The Board agreed in Vienna, 2017, to appoint an Honours Committee to oversee the decisions for all awards, to recommend on amendments to current process or to suggest new awards, and thereafter to ensure the appropriate processes for recognition of all award recipients. 

NGen Committee

NGen are active and engaged trainees or clinicians who have completed their specialist training within 5 years, who have volunteered, and are qualified to take on specific duties in support of ISUOG’s broad activities. NGen members bring a new level of engagement to ISUOG in developing a pathway for trainees and junior clinicians to become further involved in our mission and work.

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee ensures that all ISUOG appointments, including of ISUOG Trustees, Officers & Committee Chairs, are made with integrity. It ensures that anyone who is put forward for election to any leadership position is of the right caliber and expertise to serve in the post. At the forefront of the appointments process is a demonstrated commitment to the vision and mission of the Society and consideration of the particular skills required for the roles in mind.

Outreach Committee

The ISUOG Outreach Committee promotes the education, training and the availability of ultrasound in underserved communities around the world with the goal of enhancing maternal and perinatal health.

Safety Committee

The Bioeffects and Safety Committee is involved in the investigation of issues relating to the bioeffects and safety of ultrasound, as well as the provision of education and information within this field.

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee oversees the production and development of the scientific program for the ISUOG World Congress and for other scientific meetings of the Society.

Applications for Committee Membership

ISUOG regularly invites applications from our membership for new Committee and Task Force members to help us drive forward our vision of improving health outcomes for women across the world.