Read the Patient information leaflet on Coronavirus and pregnancy to learn more about what is coronavirus, how to avoid getting it, whether it is safe to keep your hospital appointment, if you should breastfeed after being diagnosed with Coronavirus and many more such questions.

We would also like to express our thanks to all our volunteers who have given us their time and input at this crucial time in making the Patient Information leaflet on COVID-19 available in different languages around the world.


Coronavirus and your pregnancy

This leaflet is to help you understand the implications of COVID-19 on you and your baby, should you visit hospitals for your appointments, can you breastfeed if you have been diagnosed as having coronavirus and what questions to ask.

Patient Information leaflet on 'Coronavirus and pregnancy' in your language

Read and download the leaflet on 'Coronavirus and your pregnancy' answering key question for women and their families dealing with COVID-19 in your language.

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COVID-19 and Pregnancy- patient questions answered by the experts.

Q&A on COVID19 & Pregnancy with global experts in obstetrics & gynaecology and vaccinology available to watch now.