This leaflet is to help you understand what Facial Lipoma is and the implications, and the treatments available once your baby is born.

What is a Facial Lipoma?

Facial lipoma is a benign mass located in the face of your baby. They affect 1% of the general population and are more frequent in females. It can be suspected by ultrasound before birth. Usually, these lesions are not associated with other malformations. 

How does a Facial Lipoma happen?

There have been described some theories about the origin of lipomas, including genetic predisposition and a reaction to local trauma. Lipomas are formed by normal fat cells (adipocytes) and the degeneration to malignant lesions is very infrequent. 

Could my baby have another associated malformation? 

No, lipomas are usually an isolated finding. 

If I have another baby, is it going to have a facial lipoma too?

No. If the lipoma is the only lesion in the body of your baby, the probability of having another baby with a facial lipoma is very low. 

What does it mean for my baby after it is born?
Since facial lipoma is a benign entity, your baby won’t need any special consideration during the delivery plan. 

What is the treatment of Facial Lipoma?

The treatment of facial lipomas consists in the surgical extraction of the mass. It can be performed after delivery by a dermatologist or a general surgeon. 

Will it happen again?

If the surgical procedure is successful, the tumor should not come back.

What other questions should I ask?

  • Where should I deliver?
  • What happens if the tumor involves any additional structures of my baby?
  • How is the procedure to extract the complete lesion of my baby performed?
  • Where will the baby receive the best care after it is born?
  • Can I meet the team of doctors that will be assisting my baby when it is born in advance?

Last updated June 2023