ISUOG Outreach returned to commence Phase II in Kumasi to develop the trainees skills in becoming trainers.

Project Title: ISUOG Outreach training in ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology, Phase II - Part I

Location: Kumasi, Ghana

Dates: 16-20 November 2015

Project partners: Women's Health to Wealth (WHW), GE Healthcare

ISUOG Training team: 
Dr. Tony Johnson, USA (team leader)
Dr. Janet Horenstein, USA
Dr. Theodora Pepera-Hibbert, UK/Ghana
Gesu Antonio Baez, International Development Coordinator, ISUOG
Tammy Anderson, Clinical Product Manager, GE Healthcare

Local ISUOG training team:
Dr. Buah Hamilton, Ghana
Yusif Yacub, Ghana

Participants / trainees: 
17 basic trainees, 5 advances trainees (4 physicians, 9 midwives, 4 nurses, 5 sonographers)

Hospitals: Suntreso, Old Tafo, and South Kumasi Hospital

Ultrasound machines: The 3 Voluson ultrasound machines were donated by GE Healthcare for this trip and allocated to Suntreso, Old Tafo and South Kumasi.


Training summary:

The first day was a theoretical course held at Kumasi South Hospital, reviewing basics in 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester scanning as well as gynecological scanning, with live demonstrations of early and late obstetrical scans included. An introduction to the machines and how to operate them accordingly was given as well by Tammy Anderson from GE Healthcare. The group of 22 trainees comprised of 17 basic trainees who were new to ultrasound scanning while 5 were advanced from our previous training courses in Kumasi. At various interverals during the first day, the advanced group was taken aside to review advanced lectures from ISUOG's Online learning platform and discuss the content in further detail.

During the following four days, the team broke up into groups of three and carried out decentralised pratical hands-on training at the three facilities with ultrasound donations - Suntreso Government, Old Tafo Hospital and South Kumasi Regional Hospital. This was done with the aim to support continous training post-project and provide to where there was the most need.

The unique aspect about this trip was that it was the first time ISUOG Outreach entered phase II of its program. In this phase, the strongest trainees from the previous program were identified and empower in joining the ISUOG training group to put their skills to practice as trainers. This is in accordance with ISUOG's mission to "teach the teachers" in order to promote sustainable development within the areas where ISUOG works to promote knowledge diffusion and growth There were two trainees identified - Dr. Buah Hamilton and Yusif Yacub - who will become the official ISUOG trainers locally.

A pre-test was conducted at the start of the program with a post-test held on the last day. The tests covered basic 1st, 2nd, 3rd trimester and gynecologic scanning with results demonstrating clear overall learning made by the group with many scoring above 80%.




The program wrapped up with a closing ceremony at the Regional Conference Admin Centre in Cental Kumasi, featuring closing talks from Outreach Chair Dr. Anthony Johnson, the partnering NGO's Executive Director Mrs. Abenaa Boateng of Women's Health to Wealth (WHW) and address made by the Regional Director of Health Services for the Ashanti Region and the Director of Kumasi Metro Area. The address emphasised the importance of the training to local women and the Regional Director reminded the trainees that their primary mission was to serve the women of Ghana; a mission they should always remember in their practice.

Certificates of achievement were awarded to each participant, distributed by ISUOG's International Development Coordinator Gesu Antonio Baez and the Regional Director. The ceremony proved to be emotional towards the end as several trainees expressed their gratitude for what they learned and the difference it made in their practice. "You taught us to expect more of ourselves and go above and beyond" said trainee Alberta Nintang of Kumasi South Regional Hospital.

ISUOG would like to thank its partner, Women's Health to Wealth, for the impeccable work that was done in helping organise their program in addition to Ghana Health Services and the Ministry of Health for its full support of this endeavour. ISUOG would like to also express its gratitude to GE Healthcare for its generous donation of three Voluson machines for this project and for allowing Tammy Anderson to join the team. Finally, ISUOG would like to thank its passionate and driven team for a successful phase II of the Ghana project - Dr. Janet Horenstein, Dr. Anthony Johnson, and Dr. Theodora Pepera-Hibbert. With so much success, it's without a doubt that trip two will definatly be in the works in the not-so-distant future.