Project Title: ISUOG Outreach training in ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology in Nigeria - Phase I Trip 1.

Location: Benin City (Edo State), Nigeria (managed by ISUOG virtually, conducted on the ground locally)

Dates: 6-10 September 2021

Project Partners: Edo State Ministry of Health, Department of OBGYN of University of Benin Teaching Hospital, Society of Obstetrics and Gyncelology (SOGON) Midwest Sector, the Fetal Diagnostic and Ultrasound Centre – Benin City.

ISUOG Training Team: 
Dr Ehigha Enabudoso (Nigeria)- Leader

Dr Joyce Ikubor (Nigeria)
Dr Ibraheem Awowole (Nigeria)
Dr Enaruna
Dr Tonia Njoku
Dr Charles Emuze
Dr Alice Tejumade

Trainees: 28

Project Purpose: To provide ultrasound training to local OB/GYN practitioners in Edo State with the intention that these trainees eventually become local trainers. 

Project Deliverables

Goal: By the end of Phase I, local trainers will be confident in scanning techniques and conduct quality scans in line with basic training outreach templates (SO2). 

Output: Training local trainers in basic ultrasound in OB/GYN scanning by evaluating their progress and provide mentoring between programs

Outcome: Trainers will be confident in quality OBGYN scanning and competent in delivering OB/GN ultrasound training to help increase the level of anomaly identification and aid in preventing preventable causes of maternal mortality locally. 

Participants: 28 trainees from across Edo State. 

Training Location: Edo State Hospital Conference Board

Training Summary
This was the first trip of Trip 1 of the ISUOG Outreach Program in Edo State, Nigeria. The overall purpose was to provide basic OBGYN training to those practitioners coming from the more rural parts of Edo State. Overall, 28 trainees took part in the program and were trained by seven Nigerian based trainers. The project was led by Dr Ehigha Enabudoso of Benin City (Nigeria). Each trainee was set up in various groups and assigned a trainer to pair with as their mentor.

While the ISUOG Outreach trainers were locally based, the program was being managed virtual by ISUOG via Zoom.

With strong support of both the Ministry of Health of Edo State and the Governor of Edo State, the program began with an opening ceremony, sharing words from the ISUOG Secretariat’s program organisers (zooming in virtually due to travel restrictions) and delivering an address from Dr Lisbet Hanson. All was done in accordance to local social distancing and COVID-19 protocols.

Pre- and post-assessments were administered both theoretically and practically in order to assess already obtained knowledge and also measure how much was learned during course of the week. The Theoretical Pre-Test averaged to 29% but by the end, the Post-Theoretical Assessment average was 62.7%, demonstrating a significant jump.

The same was identifiable with the practical assessments, with the pre-tests averaging to 29% but the practical assessments rising to 51%. While the score was not at the desired 70% score, it did demonstrate at least the learning, with Trip 2 becoming the real indicator for progression following engagement with mentors.

The Ministry of Health of Edo State as well as SOGON were immense partners in helping to support the program while managing logistics virtually and ensuring both a safe and productive work environment. The guidance and leadership of Dr Ehigha Enabudoso was the true driving force to ensure the project was a success.

While Trip 1 was conducted in a hybrid manner, ISUOG Outreach is looking forward to returning to the field to provide on the ground support to the team.