ISUOG Outreach partners with the Omani government to launch the first national ultrasound training in Oman

Project Title: ISUOG Outreach training in ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology, Phase I - Part I

Location: Muscat, Oman

Dates: 5-9 November 2017

Project partners: Omani Ministry of Health, GE Healthcare

ISUOG Training team: 
Dr. Titia Cohen-Overbeek (The Netherlands) - team leader
Prof. Hisham Mirghani (United Arab Emirates) - ISUOG Ambassador to the Middle East
Dr. Nimrah Abassi (Canada)
Dr. Valeria Angioni (Estonia)
Ms. Pauline Schut (The Netherlands)
Gesu Antonio Baez (International Development Coordinator, ISUOG)

Project purpose: To provide ultrasound training to local OB/GYN practitioners in Oman with the intention that these trainees eventually become local trainers.

Project deliverables:

Goal: By the end of Phase I, trainees will be competent in ultrasound scanning techniques and conduct quality scans in line with basic training outreach templates (SO2).

Output: Training dedicated trainees in basic ultrasound in OB/GYN scanning and hone in on their skills by evaluating their progress and provide mentoring between programs. 

Outcome: Trainees competent OB/GN ultrasound scanning will increase level of anomaly identification and aid in preventing preventable causes of maternal mortality locally.

Participants: 30 trainees from across the Sultanate

Training location: Royal Hospital, Muscat

Training summary:

The program opened with talks from the Omani Minister of Health, Prof. Hisham Mirghani (ISUOG's Ambassador to the Middle East) and Dr. Titia Cohen-Overbeek (Oman Program Team Leader). The program consisted of hands on scanning taking place in the morning (8:00 to 12:30) with lectures taking place in the afternoon (13:30 to 16:00). The event opened and concluded with talks and ceremonies given by the Under Secretary to the Minister of Health, other Government Officials and Prof. Hisham Mirghani. This was the first time that ISUOG Outreach utilised the ISUOG Basic Training Program for its Outreach endeavours, given the dynamics of the region and the intention for the Omani government to then utilise the program as the national curriculum of the country. As official provider to the Ministry of Health, GE Healthcare partnered with ISUOG via the Omani Ministry of Health and provided two machines additional machines to be permanently based at Royal Hospital for the program, in addition to having their local engineer and representative from Dubai with the team for the majority of the program. All machines used for training with GE Voluson ultrasound machines.

The trainees were selected following a national vetting process conducted by the Ministry of Health and had come from each region within the country. Trainees were divided into four groups with a mixture based on their years of experience in ultrasound scanning (10+ years, 9-6 years, 5-2 years, and 1 year and under) and assigned a trainer to serve as their group’s mentor following the program to continue to engage with image sharing and feedback. 

Pre- and post-tests were held at the beginning and the end of the program. Initially, the average pre-test practical assessment score was 56% but by program end, post-test scored an average of 79%  - almost a 31.5% increase!

Certificates of achievement were awarded to each participant at program's end, distributed by Dr. Titia Cohen-Overbeek, Dr. Mouza Al Salmani (ISUOG's Local Liasion) and Dr. Fatma of the Omani Ministry of Health. ISUOG would like to thank its partners - Royal Hospital, the Omani Ministry of Health, GE Healthcare and local liasion Dr. Mouza Al Salmani - for the amazing work that was done in helping organise the program. 

Finally, ISUOG would like to thank its passionate and driven team for a successful Phase I Trip I of the Oman project - Prof. Hisham Mirghani, Dr. Titia Cohen-Overbeek, Dr. Valeria Angioni, Dr. Nimrah Abassi and Ms. Pauline Schut. With such a dream team, the next trip is bound to be as successful as the first!