By submitting your booking form, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

In these regulations the term “Exhibition” in all cases refers to the aforesaid online exhibition, being held in conjunction with the aforesaid Virtual International Symposium. The term “Exhibitor” includes any person, firm, company or corporation and its employees and agents who qualify for a tiered exhibitor/sponsor package by reaching a certain level of financial investment in the Virtual International Symposium as detailed in the Industry Prospectus. The term “Organisers” means The International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG) staff. The term “Platform” refers to the product(s) used to host the Virtual International Symposium.
Upload of materials and content:
Exhibitors will be informed when they can upload materials and content onto the platform. The organisers will use their best endeavours to adhere to the nominated date for the commencement of work on the platform but will accept no responsibility for any costs, claims or expenses arising from any variation to such date. All exhibit materials and content will be reviewed by the organisers. Exhibits which do not reasonably satisfy the organisers must be modified forthwith by the exhibitor in such manner and within such time as the organisers may require. If the exhibitor uses materials or content which have not been approved, the organisers may remove such items from the platform. ISUOG will not be liable for any loss caused by this occurrence.
An exhibitor may not display any advertising or promotional content in areas of the platform other than their pre-reserved stand, advertising space or other sponsored activity. The organisers reserve the right to moderate and remove any such content from the platform. An exhibitor may not, except by express written permission of the organisers, display directly or indirectly, advertise or give credits to any products other than his own or those of his named principal. The display of acknowledgement or credit indicating membership of organisations or Trade Associations is not allowed except by express written permission of the organisers. The organisers reserve the right to remove from the platform any items or chat-content violating this regulation.
Event alterations:
The organisers reserve the right to change the scientific program and exhibition layout if necessary. The organisers also reserve the right to amend or alter the location of stands without any financial implication to the organiser. In these instances, the organisers will endeavour to ensure that the exhibition and sponsorship packages are discussed with the relevant parties and that the packages remain as close to what has been previously agreed. The organisers reserve the right to change the dates or format of the Virtual International Symposium. In these instances all exhibitors will be offered the opportunity to transfer their package to the new dates or format. If the exhibitor is unable to make the new dates they will be offered the opportunity to transfer their package to a following event. If there are components of their package which cannot be incorporated to the new format, the exhibitor will be offered a refund on these items only.  
All cancellations by exhibitors or sponsors must be made in writing to the ISUOG events team copying in [email protected].  In the event that an exhibitor or sponsor wishes to cancel their booking, or fails to meet any of the payment obligations, then the organisers reserve the right to apply the following cancellation charges and to re-sell the space:
• 6 weeks prior to the 17th ISUOG Virtual International Symposium (up to and inc. 6 March 2021) – 25% of the contract price 
• Within 6 weeks of the 17th ISUOG Virtual International Symposium  (after 6 March 2021) – 100% of the contract price
• A minimum 80% refund will be made if the exhibition space and all sponsorship packages are fully resold.
Any payments already made to the organiser over and above the applicable cancellation charges will be refunded. Should monies not, at the time of cancellation, already have been paid to the organiser the exhibitor hereby agrees to pay the cancellation fee. In the event that the organiser must completely cancel the Virtual International Symposium, all exhibitors will be offered the opportunity to transfer their package to a future event and/or the following year’s Congress or International Symposium or receive a full refund. In the unlikely event of platform or internet failure for a significant period of time on the scheduled live days of the Virtual International Symposium, ISUOG will reschedule any live content and support promotion of this to its community.
Bankruptcy or liquidation:
In the event of an exhibitor becoming bankrupt or insolvent or entering into liquidation or having a receiver, administrator or trustee appointed over any of its assets, the organisers shall be at liberty to terminate forthwith the contract with the exhibitor and the terms and conditions relating to cancellation of space set out in clause 5 shall apply.
Payment terms and delivery of exhibitor packages: 
The exhibitor, its servants, agents, employees and contractors may enter the platform only at a time which will be nominated to them for the purpose of set up and staffing. In the event of an exhibitor failing to take possession of its stand or any other sponsored activity, the organisers have the right to re-allocate or remove entirely the stand or other sponsored activity and all monies paid shall be forfeited. Exhibitors must make their final payment by the date it is due according to their invoice/contract. After this time, and only when monies have not been paid, the stand and any other sponsored activity will be available for sale to another Company. All deposits paid will automatically be forfeited and no refund will be made. Exhibitors wishing to qualify for the early bird discount must book and complete total payment for their package, by the deadline.
No stand space or sponsored activity (such as Satellite Symposia) will be made live on the platform until all monies owing to the organisers by the exhibitor are paid in full. If the exhibitor fails to comply in any respect with the terms of this agreement, the organisers have the right to remove any content from the platform. The exhibitor, however, will be liable for any loss suffered by the organisers as a result and all monies paid by the exhibitor shall be forfeited to the organisers. In the event of the exhibitor failing to occupy the said space by the advertised opening of the Virtual International Symposium, the organisers are authorised to occupy or cause the said space to be occupied in such manner as they may deem best for the interest of the Virtual International Symposium without refund to the said exhibitor and without releasing the exhibitor from any liability within these terms and conditions.
Conduct of exhibitors and representatives: 
The organisers expect that all exhibitors will conduct their activity on the platform with respect for all other Virtual International Symposium participants, including other exhibitors. All communications between exhibitor and other participants must be professional and appropriate. All business communications between exhibitor and other participants must only be conducted within the pre-reserved stand, advertising space or other sponsored activity of that exhibitor. If the organisers see or have reports of any misconduct on the part of an exhibitor, the organisers reserve the right to stop any activity on the part of any exhibitor by moderating or removing content from the platform or by rescinding the registration of the individual exhibitor responsible.
Data privacy/sharing of personal data
As a sponsor or exhibitor on this virtual event, you will be able to connect with all delegates attending the event via the platform. The platform will remain live for up to 30 days following the event live date (depending on the specific event terms), and during this time you will still be able to communicate with delegates that visits the platform.
Data privacy notice: you will be able to see all delegates’ names, job titles, and any information they choose to make public on their individual profiles, on the platform. Their contact details (email address) will remain hidden, unless you are a sponsor eligible to receive these details (as per your contract) and if the delegate;
  • Contacts or engages with you (exhibitor or sponsor)
  • Clicks on any part of or visits an exhibition booth, including its content
Once any delegate agrees to connect with a sponsor or exhibitor via the event platform, that sponsor or exhibitor becomes a data controller in relation to the shared data. This includes complying by all relevant data protection laws, including having a complaints procedure in place and an option of opting-out of receipt of any communications from you.
Exhibitors will be responsible for all damage to property and for any loss or injury caused by them or their agents or employees and will indemnify the organisers against all claims and expenses arising there from. In the event of it being necessary for any reason whatsoever for the exhibition to be abandoned, postponed or altered in any way in whole or in part, or if the organisers find it necessary to change the dates of the exhibition or vary the hours the exhibition is open, the organisers shall not be liable for any expenditure, damage or loss incurred in connection with the exhibition.
The exhibitor is responsible for the security and insurance of their activity, materials and  content on the platform at all times. Exhibitors agree to consult their insurance company or insurance brokers to cover themselves fully against any risks associated with their activity on the platform. If relevant, liability to the public should also be covered by appropriate insurance, by the exhibitor.
Platform terms and conditions:
Exhibitors are responsible for reviewing and complying to any standard terms and conditions of the platform. The organisers will make every endeavour to make exhibitors aware of the platform terms and conditions but takes no responsibility for any breach of those terms.
The organisers will make every endeavour to attract a large and diverse audience to register for the Virtual International Symposium. However, the organisers cannot accept any responsibly for the numbers of registered delegates attending stands or other sponsored activity, and no financial compensation can be made to exhibitors in the event they are not satisfied with the engagement with their stand or other sponsored activity.
General conditions:
The organisers are responsible for the control of the platform, including the program and the exhibition area. Exhibitors are responsible for the creation of content for their stand and any other sponsored activity, and for having this content ready in the appropriate format to upload to the platform by the deadlines communicated by the organiser. Exhibitors are responsible for the staffing of their own stands and other sponsored activity (such as Satellite Symposia) within the guidelines of the organisers. The decision of the organisers is final on any question not covered in the foregoing regulations. The organisers may add to or vary these rules and regulations and do anything at their sole discretion they deem necessary for the proper conduct of the Virtual International Symposium, provided that such amendments or additions do not operate to diminish the rights reserved to the exhibitor under this agreement and shall not operate to increase the liabilities of the organisers. Exhibitors must comply in all respects with the requirement of every appropriate authority, with the Terms of Agreement by which the organisers may occupy the platform and with the policies of insurance effected by the organisers. The organisers reserves the right to update the Terms and Conditions. The new Terms and Conditions will be circulated to all exhibitors. Signature of the exhibition application form confirms acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
ISUOG strives to hold educational and scientific congresses, symposia and events that are independent and compliant with international exhibition and sponsorship standards and best practices. All exhibitors and sponsors participating in ISUOG congresses and events are recommended to consult their internal and external compliance processes as it is their responsibility to comply with any laws or regulations that pertain to their particular industry. Whilst ISUOG will endeavour to support all exhibitors and sponsors to meet their own compliance standards whilst participating in ISUOG congresses and events, ISUOG is not liable in any way for exhibitors or sponsors not complying to legal, ethical and industry standards.