Read more about our past International Symposia and Regional Meetings with final reports and full programs from the most recent events.

19th ISUOG International Symposium
19-20 November 2022
Lectures were available on demand until 20 Dec 2022.
This event was held virtually on Hong Kong time to target our Asian members and to gain momentum for the 2023 Congress which will be held in the region.
Chairs: Prof Liona Poon and Dr Mary Acda
Final report:

International Symposium: ASIA - Final Report

Scientific program: 

International Symposium: ASIA - Scientific Program

18th ISUOG International Symposium
7-8 May 2022
Lectures were available on demand until 8 June 2022
This event was held virtually and was offered in both Spanish and Portuguese for the Latin American audience
Chairs: Prof Jessica Preisler and Prof Daniel Cafici
Final report: 

International Symposium (LATAM) - Final Report

Scientific program:

International Symposium 2022 Program - Spanish

International Symposium 2022 Program - Portuguese

17th ISUOG International Symposium
17-18 April 2021
Lectures were available on demand until 17 May 2021
This event was held virtually with a focus on Calgary, Canada and the North American audience
Chairs: Prof. Jo-Ann Johnson and Dr Denise Pugash
Final report: 

International Symposium: Calgary - Final Report

Scientific program:

International Symposium 2021 Scientific Program

16th ISUOG International Symposium
26-27 May 2022
Cairo, Egypt
Chairs: Dr M. Kamal Etman, Prof C. Bilardo 
15th ISUOG International Symposium
12-14 April 2019
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Chairs: Prof F. Da Silva Costa, Prof W. Martins, and Prof W. Naves do Amaral
14th ISUOG International Symposium
20-22 April 2018
Athens, Greece
Chairs: Dr Nikos Vrachnis and Mr Aris Papageorghiou
13th ISUOG International Symposium
20-22 March 2017
Cape Town, South Africa
In collaboration with RCOG
12th ISUOG International Symposium
17-20 February 2016
Miami, Florida (USA)
Chairs: Prof. Mauricio Herrera, Dr. Renato Ximenes, Dr. Daniel Cafici
11th International Symposium
1-3 May 2015
New Delhi, India
Chairs: Dr. Ashok Khurana and Dr. Prashant Acharya
10th International Symposium
26 - 28th April 2014
Beijing, China
Chairs: Prof. Yu-xin Jiang, Dr. KY Leung and Prof. Qing Dai
9th International Symposium
11 - 14 April 2013
Cartagena, Colombia
Chairs: Mauricio Herrera (Colombia), Gustavo Malinger (Israel)
8th ISUOG International Symposium
31 May-3 June 2012
Delhi, India
Chair: Dr. Prashant Acharya
7th ISUOG International Scientific Meeting
25-27 February 2011
Chairs: Dr.Wong Keong (Macau), Dr. KY Leung (Hong Kong)
6th ISUOG International Scientific Meeting
25-29 March 2010
Cairo, Egypt
Chairs: Mohamed Momtaz (Egypt); Gianluigi Pilu (Italy)
5th ISUOG International Scientific Meeting
13-16 May 2009
Cancun, Mexico
Unfortunately the 5th ISM was cancelled due to the outbreak of swine flu in Mexico
4th International Scientific Meeting
23 - 26 Apr 2008
St Petersburg, Russia
Chairs: Prof Anton Mikhailov and Prof Michael Tchirikov
3rd International Scientific Meeting
25 - 28 Feb 2007
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong
Chairs: Dr K Y Leung
2nd International Scientific Meeting
April 28 - May 1 2006
Santiago, Chile
Chair: Professor Waldo Sepulveda
1st International Scientific Meeting
21 - 24 March 2004
Chair : Dr George Yeo