Find out how your Society can host the ISUOG International Symposium.

If you would like to submit a proposal to host the International Symposium, please read the below requirement document.

Submitting a bid for hosting the International Symposium

Bids to organise an International Symposium must be received for presentation at the annual meeting of the Executive Board (September) no less than eighteen (18) months, prior to the proposed date for the Symposium. The bid should be submitted in electronic format in no more than five pages to the ISUOG Secretariat for distribution to relevant committees. Please email the bid to

Bid information: The bid proposal should include the following information: 

  • Proposed dates for the Symposium - within the period end March to end May, three days, must not clash with advertised ISUOG events
  • The details of the proposed venue 
  • Approximate budgets
    • Proposed delegate fee 
    • Details on other ultrasound or Ob/Gyn events taking place in the region at the same time
    • Details of available local accommodation and approximate costs
  • Local organising committee structure and names of committee members
  • Program outline and any key local priorities
  • Basic background to the city as required

Notification: Notification of acceptance of a bid will be within eight weeks of the meeting of the Executive Board meeting at which the bid is presented.

Title: On acceptance of the bid, ISUOG agrees with the Local Organising Committee (LOC) that it may use the title the "Xth ISUOG International Symposium" provided that the LOC fulfils the obligations specified.

Website address: The Symposium website address should be in the following format – Any variations to this website address must be approved by ISUOG before the address is registered and goes live.

Correspondence: LOC agrees to copy to the ISUOG Secretariat all correspondence with ISUOG committees relating to planning, organisation, scientific content or finances as detailed below.


The Local Organising Committee will propose faculty to ISUOG for approval.  The list of invited speakers to the Symposium will include four to six members of ISUOG faculty.  The invited speaker list must be approved by ISUOG prior to any formal announcement or invitations.

ISUOG undertakes not to withhold approval for a speaker without good reason communicated to LOC, and to advise as required and requested on additional speakers.

At least 10 months prior to the Symposium, the LOC shall submit a proposed program to the Chair of the Scientific Committee who will, together with the Education Committee, identify representatives to liaise directly with LOC to assist in the preparation of the structure and content of the scientific program. 

On receipt of the proposed program, ISUOG undertakes to review and to make available its views on its structure and content within a maximum of six weeks to LOC.  ISUOG undertakes to provide explanations and reasons for any alterations proposed to the program and to liaise and support LOC to the mutual objective of improving the quality of the scientific program at the Symposium.

Amendments to the program can be up to six weeks before the IS. After this date, only changes due to extenuating circumstances should be made. 


LOC undertakes to meet the following costs:

Event logistics: All event logistics costs including but not limited to the venue, catering, AV, personnel, registration, social events, meetings rooms, live scans, utility charges etc.   

ISUOG Faculty and Executive Committee: For four to six ISUOG faculty members including one member of the Executive Committee:

  • Registration fee
  • Accommodation costs (for the duration of the Symposium only) 
  • Economy class air ticket (if less than a five hour flight) or minimum of premium economy class tickets (if over five hours). ISUOG does not impose business class fares, however, makes clear that some speakers may be unwilling to travel in lower classes and that this is at their own discretion. 

ISUOG Secretariat: For a member of the ISUOG Secretariat to have:

  • Space in the exhibit hall for a small ISUOG shell scheme exhibit 
  • Access to exhibition hall and all sessions
  • Accommodation costs (for the duration of the Symposium only)
  • Economy class air ticket (if less than a five hour flight) or minimum of premium economy class tickets (if over five hours). 
  • Opportunity to give a short presentation on the Society and its benefits

Catering: Refreshments and, where possible, lunches for all delegates

Meeting rooms: LOC undertakes to make available adequate facilities, at its own cost for ISUOG to hold meetings as necessary at the Symposium venue during the meeting.

Membership fees: Organisers are encouraged to include ISUOG membership in the symposia fee. Arrangements for this can be made between ISUOG and the LOC on an individual basis.

ISUOG member rate: LOC undertakes to offer special registration fees to ISUOG members which is at least 10% lower than the standard advertised fee. Other concessionary fees may be offered subject to advance agreement with ISUOG.

ISUOG undertakes to offer a special membership rate to delegates registering for the Symposium, to be applied for the calendar year in which the Symposium takes place. LOC undertakes to advertise the offer within the Symposium material alongside delegate fees.

Budget: 12 months prior to the Symposium, LOC undertakes to have sent a budget, showing the expected costs and intended income arising from the Symposium. 

Financial declaration: The financial terms of the Symposium must be declared in advance by the organisers, either ‘not for profit’ or ‘surplus expected’. ISUOG does not impose these terms but they must be transparent.  

In the event of any incidental surplus arising LOC undertakes to share this on a 50:50 basis with ISUOG.

LOC undertakes to make available statements of accounts / budgets at reasonable intervals, no less than at 6 months, 3 months, 1 month, 2 weeks prior to the meeting and on the day before the event. Final accounts should be complete within 30 days of the event.

If it is discovered subsequently that the amounts submitted to ISUOG are incorrect, then the LOC undertakes that it will promptly inform ISUOG of such discrepancy and how it arose and will apply for or remit without delay the balance of funds necessary to make up the difference.

Auditors: LOC agrees to allow a representative of ISUOG and its auditor the right of access to its books and accounts of the Symposium as required:

  • For the verification of the number of delegates and the income received from delegates where necessary
  • For the verification of the full accounts and administration documentation of the Symposium should there be any query on either side regarding amounts due for payment.

Financial responsibility: ISUOG takes no responsibility for any financial losses arising from the Symposium.


ISUOG has a suite of promotional material which ensures that the international reputation of the IS is accompanied by a strong brand identity which carries the hallmark of high quality education. 

A suite of material will be created by the ISUOG designer and it will adhere to IS guidelines. 

ISUOG will create the following designs:

  • 'Save the date' flyer for web and print
  • ‘Register now’ flyer for web and print 
  • Roller banner 
  • Slide templates 4:3 and 16:9
  • Web banner

‘Save the date’ flyer: This will contain the basic information of the event. Information for the flyer must be submitted to ISUOG in the February roughly a year before the event. 

‘Register now’ flyer: Once the registration web page has been launched, ISUOG will update these promotional items with the registration details including the website to register. This is when more information can be updated. The 'Register now' designs will last until the event. 

What happens if I want to change information on the material?
Once it has been published/circulated it is very difficult to change promotional material and some people will only look at the first incorrect version. Notify the events team as soon as you notice a mistake and they will determine the severity of the change. 

My speakers have not confirmed but can I add them to the marketing material?

Unfortunately this will not be possible as it is very difficult to change the information once it is published. It is common that unconfirmed speakers are unable to attend the event.

I would like to add additional information to the flyer but it is not ready? 
There will be two opportunities for convenors to update the promotional material supplied by ISUOG.  The first is with the ‘Save the date’ flyer and second is with the ‘Register now’ flyer. If there is additional information after the ‘Save the date’ flyer has been published then wait for the ‘Register now’ flyer. 

Who pays for the designs?
ISUOG will pay for the five designs stipulated above to be created. It will be up to the IS Convenors to print this material and create any additional material. All additional material needs to be approved by the ISUOG Secretariat.