To assist our delegates and to maximise enjoyment of our platform we have provided a video guide and answers to frequently asked questions, below. If your question is not answered here, please visit the helpdesk on the ISUOG International Symposium Virtual Platform.

If you are chairing, co-chairing or presenting in a session click here for detailed guidance relevant to your role

Exhibitors who need more information about their participation at the Congress should either speak to their company representative or review the details in the detailed technical manual provided by ISUOG. 

ISUOG Virtual International Symposium video guide

Your data protected

1.    How has my data been used, giving me access to the International Symposium platform?
ISUOG’s suppliers Shocklogic Worldwide (Symposium registration management) and 6Connex, Europe (virtual platform) have established a single sign on experience for delegates. For ease of use delegates can use their registration profile login and password to access the International Symposium. ISUOG remains the data controller and Shocklogic and 6Connex the data processors only. Read ISUOG’s privacy policy here.  

2.    What personal data is visible on the International Symposium’s platform?
Your first name, family name, password, email, institution/company and attendee category is used to provide access to the virtual platform. Your virtual name badge will include your name only which can be seen by other delegates and exhibitors. Industry representatives will have their company name added to their virtual badge. Email addresses are not visible. 

Throughout the platform you will find multiple opportunities to ask for help, to chat on public forums and to send questions during sessions. In all instances only the name on your virtual badge is shown. 

3.    How can I share my contact details with exhibitors I visit?
When you visit an exhibitor stand you can send a private message, or start a video chat and swipe your badge. 
a.    Instant messages between you and an exhibitor will be saved and transcripts available to the exhibiting company. 
b.    Video chats cannot be recorded and are not stored.
c.    If you swipe your virtual badge at an exhibitor stand, this will automatically transfer to them, your first name, family name, institution/company, and email address.

4.    How will ISUOG use my data on the platform during and after the International Symposium?
ISUOG will use collected data to run metrics reports to analyze user experience and popular activities and areas of the platform. This will inform how the Society develops its programs for members and the wider community in the future. 
During the virtual event whilst using the virtual platform, if you
•    Contact or engage with a sponsor or exhibitor
•    Click on any part of and/or visit an exhibition booth (if applicable), including its content
•    Attend a sponsored session
Your click action automatically gives your consent and ISUOG will use this data to provide general metrics reports, e.g. traffic to the stand per hour, and lead reports to each exhibitor. Lead reports will include your first name, family name, and email address.  Exhibitors may be in contact with you about their products and services outside of the virtual platform. You also agree that where relevant, these parties may transfer your data outside of the EEA for these purposes and you consent to such a transfer.

You can revoke any consent you have given under this policy at any time by informing the exhibitor or sponsor when connecting with them.

Registration and logging in to the Virtual platform

1.    How do I register for the International Symposium?
Go to our registration page to register. Only payments by credit card will be accepted. 

2.    I have registered but cannot access the platform
Only delegates who are fully paid will be able to login and access the platform. Login to your registration profile and go to your Symposium registration to check if you have an underpayment. 

Technical advice to maximise your online experience

1.    What are the minimum technical platform requirements at a glance?
•    Minimum screen resolution: 1024 x 768
•    Minimum internet connection: 1.4 Mbps
•    Allow Flash 
•    Disable pop-up blockers for the Virtual Congress platform URL
•    If you use a VPN, we encourage you to disconnect from this when watching or interacting with the platform during the live days
•    Operating systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Android 4.4, Apple Max OS X 10.9+, Apple IOS 8.4+
•    Internet browser: Google Chrome, Safari 5.0+, Firefox 3.6+, iPhone/iPad – Safari/iOs 5.1+, Android Phone/Tablet OS 2.3 or higher, Windows Tablet IE 10+. We cannot guarantee the user experience if you use Internet Explorer. 
•    Media playback: HTML5 streaming enabled browser, Apple iOS http streaming enabled browser, Android http streaming enabled browser
•    Make sure your browser and display settings on your desktop are not ‘zoomed’ in (3 dots top right of browser)

2.    How do I perform a system check?
Click here to run a routine automated system check
This is an automated tool provided by ISUOG’s platform supplier to check that the equipment you are using to participate in the Symposium and watch the sessions is working at the minimum levels to support a good user experience. We recommend all delegates run this check. 

3.    Internet connection is key, tell me more about these requirements:
A strong, wired broadband connection with a speed of at least 1.4 Mbps is recommended. 
You may view the virtual experience on a slower connection, however, some users may experience load times that are longer than normal with larger content items. We recommend: 
•    A strong Wi-Fi connection or hardwired internet connection 
•     Connect to the internet using a network cable, not using a wireless network. If a corporate VPN is used, confirm that the above network traffic is not directed over the VPN. If it is, have users turn off the VPN while attending the event. 
•    Close any unnecessary applications
•    Refrain from browsing the internet, streaming media and/or downloading large files during this time 

4.    I am having trouble with my display, I can’t see everything on the platform. How do I adjust this?
The recommended resolution for your display is at least a 1024x768 or higher resolution. Please ensure that your browser zoom level is set correctly so you can see everything. In most browsers you can use Ctrl+0 to reset your zoom level or Ctrl+[scroll in or out with your mouse or keypad]. This option can be also be found in the tools or view menu. 

5.    I am having trouble with audio, what can I do to improve this?
There are many things you can check:
•    If you have internal speakers, make sure they are not muted 
•    If you have external speakers, make sure they are powered on and are not muted
•    Make sure you have not lost internet connectivity
•    Run a system check
•    If you use Adobe Flash Player and you receive a "connection failed" message it's most likely due to a proxy server blocking Flash streaming. Please contact your local IT admin to allow Flash streaming
•    Optimal experience is via a tablet device or bigger. If you are using a mobile device, e.g. an iPhone, make sure you have enough bandwidth. We advise using dedicated Wi-Fi or 4G 
•    If using an Android device, Apple iPad or iPhone you will need to click on the media play button to begin the presentation. Android and Apple iOS devices do not permit automatic launch of streaming

6.    What device should I use for the best experience?
Laptop, computer (Mac or PC) or tablets (Android or IOS) are recommended. 
1. View the conference on a laptop or PC (if viewing on a smaller device you may want to 'zoom out’ your browser a little.
2. Make sure your browser and display settings on your desktop are not 'zoomed' in (3 dots top right of browser)
3. Switch off your pop-up blocker

7.    What browser should I use?
 Use Google Chrome or Firefox browser (Edge also works but Internet Explorer is not supported).

Opening times

The ISUOG Virtual International Symposium platform will open no later than Saturday 17 April, 00:01 AM (MDT) and will close on 17 May, 23:59 PM MDT.

Query Time(MDT) How to get help
General queries 07:00AM (MDT) 17 April -
18:30PM (MDT) 18 April
Enter the Help Desk from 
the Virtual Congress
Lobby and click on 'Need
help? Ask one of our staff'
Registration queries

We aim to respond
within 3 hours or less
depending on volume
of queries

Email [email protected]
Exhibitor queries   Exhibitors should speak to 
their company representative
who can contact the 
ISUOG Coordinator
ISUOG membership,
journal (UOG),
education and 
outreach queries
07:30 - 17:00 (MDT)
17th and 18th April
Enter the ISUOG booth
from the virtual Exhibition
Hall and chat with ISUOG
staff there


More information on the program

1.    Where can I see the scientific program in detail? 
•    When logged into the platform click on ‘program’ on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. You will also find a link to the program in the Resource Center.
•    Outside of the platform environment click here to view the scientific program.

2.    Where can I see the industry program overview?
•    When logged into the platform click on ‘industry program’ on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. You will also find a link to the industry program in the Exhibition Hall.
•    Outside of the platform environment, click here to view the industry program overview.

3.    What are the live broadcast times of the Symposium sessions?
Sessions are broadcast live between 17 April and 18 April, MDT:
•    Saturday 17 April: 07:30 AM – 18:30 PM MDT
•    Sunday 18 April: 07:30 AM – 18:30 PM MDT

MDT = Mountain Daylight Time. You can see other time zones displayed in the provisional program, or check your own local date and time here.

4.    How do I access the live broadcast sessions during the Symposium?
•    If you are in the platform Lobby, select ‘The Auditoriums’.
•    Wherever you are on the platform you will see a handy navigation bar at the bottom of your screen, you can access the Auditoriums from any location on the platform using the ‘The Auditoriums’ option.
•    In the Auditoriums, you will find the links for sessions taking place in that location and can filter by day. 
•    Delegates attending live sessions will be able to ask questions and participate in live polls. 

5.    I missed a session, how do I access this On Demand?
•    All sessions are recorded. 
•    After the end of a live session, a link to the full recorded session (including Q&A) will be available in the respective location in which the session was held, in the Auditoriums.
•    If you wish to view a specific stand-alone lecture, go to ‘Individual videos On Demand’ within the Resource Center. Talks are listed alphabetically by title. You can filter the full list by the day the talks were presented in the program.

6.    Can I get copies of the speaker presentations and slides? How long can I access the content On Demand? 
All presentations are available to view On Demand on the platform until 17 May. ISUOG does not make available copies of slides as these presentations are copy write to the authors. 

7.    How do I do the certificate courses?

  • Register your interest for the International Symposium**
  • Register your interest in either of the courses by clicking on the link below
  • Attend all the sessions for the relevant course (marked in the program) 
  • Take the online assessment [this online assessment will be sent to participants that have registered their interest, after 18 April 2021, and be available until 17 May 2021]
  • Achieve a mark of 70% or more [participants will have one opportunity to take the assessment]
  • Certificates will be issued if the below conditions are met, in May 2021

Conditions: Please see below the conditions for successful completion of the course certificates:

  • Signing up for the certificate by registering your interest [see links above]
  • Attendance of all the scientific sessions for the relevant course [participants will need to watch all the sessions to obtain codes, these codes will be requested during the assessment in order to verify that participants attended all sessions]
  • Passing of an online assessment, taken after the event, with a mark of 70% or above.

*Certificates: Please note that attendees that meet the above conditions will receive a certificate of completion, not a certificate of competency. Please note that any delegate registered for the International Symposium can attend the course, but can only obtain the certificate of completion for the course if they fulfill the above conditions.
**Cost: There is no additional charge for the certificates, but participants must have registered and paid for the International Symposium itself.

8.    When is the case report discussion session?
The stream will take place on the 17th April 2021 at 16:00 MDT, in stream 2. 

9.    What is the ‘Unknowns of the day’ activity?
The ‘Unknowns of the day’ is an audience challenge for you to identify unknowns in imaging. You will be able to view the cases in the resource centre. The correct answers will be announced during the final day of the event.

Your personal profile, delegate bag and networking

1.    Can I save things in my delegate bag?
Your delegate bag is personal to you. Content throughout the virtual platform displaying a small briefcase icon can be added by clicking on that icon. All items in your delegate bag can be downloaded or emailed. 

2.    How long will my briefcase and its contents be available?
You will be able to access your briefcase until 17 May. After this time your access to the ISUOG International Symposium platform will cease and all contents deleted from your briefcase. ISUOG will not store personalised delegate bags online after this date. 

3.    How do I network with other delegates? 
On the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen you will see a ‘chat’ icon located next to your delegate bag. You can click on this, search for a delegate and invite them to chat with you. The tool is intuitive and you will see an option in the chat to translate into multiple languages; this only translates chats in your widow into your preferred language, if available. If you prefer not to chat with other delegates (we hope you will), update your profile at the top of the screen to ‘do not disturb’. Note your chat history with other delegates will not be stored. 

Delegates can also launch the video chat function to see and speak to the person they wish to network with. You can only chat for a maximum of 10 minutes per session at which time you will be cut off and will have to re-start the video chat if you want to keep talking. 

4.    How do I network with exhibitors?
Please see the section on the exhibition below.

The Exhibition Hall

1.    How do I access the exhibition?
Meet our exhibitors by clicking on ‘Exhibition Hall’ located in the Lobby. Wherever you are on the platform you can access the exhibition using the exhibition icon on the navigation bar at the bottom of screen. 

2.    How do I find out about sponsor and exhibitor activities?
You can view the industry program here.
To view the program when logged into the platform click the ‘Industry program’ option on the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen. Also look out for the ‘Industry program’ banner in the Exhibition Hall. 

3.    What can I do at an exhibitor booth?
•    Click on a booth to view their content including webinars, videos, documents and other materials. Content is updated regularly so make sure to return each day to see what is new.
•    Chat with exhibitors and share contact information. To see which booth representatives are available click on the “Info/Representatives” tab in the upper corner of the booth.
•    You can video-chat with exhibitors, or use public or private chats.

4.    How can I talk to an exhibitor? 
There are various ways you can talk to exhibitors via the platform: one-to-one online chat, public chat or video chat. This can only be activated at the appropriate exhibitor booth.

One-to-one online chat
To send a one-to-one online chat message, click on the info/representative button on the top right corner of a booth to see booth representatives available. You can select a booth representative to chat to and click on the message icon to start a chat.

Video chat
To begin a video chat, start by sending a one-to-one chat message to the booth representative. Once the message has sent, you can then click the ‘Start video call’ button available in the one-to-one chat box. The call will begin once the exhibitor has answered the call.

Remember to take yourself off mute by pressing the microphone button to the left of the video call window. Video calls will automatically end after 10 minutes. 

Public chats
Some booths may have a public chat available, to participate in group discussions. 

Get involved in the social media conversation

1. How can I share information about the Symposium on social media?
You can share your photos, comments and experiences at the Symposium on your own social media channels (we use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram). Make sure to use the hashtag #ISUOGASIA22 in your post for it to be visible to the community. 

3. How can I see what others are saying about the Symposium on social media?
You can find the Symposium related posts on all social media channels by searching for hashtag #ISUOGASIA22. Make sure you are following us on all of our social media channels to get the latest ISUOG news and events: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Social events and other activities

1.    Why should I visit the Engagement Lounge?
The ISUOG staff team have had lots of fun putting this together and we think you should visit and experience all the little extras we have added. View the social media wall, learn more about Calgary, Canada, read or add to the virtual notice board, take your photo and join the social program. You can take part in the leaderboard challenge for a chance to win a prize, or you could even visit our wellness lounge to enrich your Symposium experience with articles, videos and activities related to your personal wellbeing. 

2.    Is there a social event during the Symposium?
Yes there is! We have organised an online social using an online system called ‘Remo’. Free for all Symposium attendees, meet new and old contacts through video-chat.
•    Saturday 17th April, 18:10 – 19:00 MDT
We think you will have a lot of fun and really encourage everyone to come along and give it a try. Convert to your local time You can register for these on the day – we recommend you do this 10 to 5 minutes before the session is due to start. Simply click on the relevant link in the Engagement lounge, and sign up for the event (Remo is free).

3.    I’ve seen the ‘Leaderboard’ on the platform, what is this and why should I play?
There are prizes to be won! During the live dates of the Symposium you can earn points for exploring and interacting on the platform. You can view how many points you have collected throughout the day. To increase your score, click, save, and chat more. 

How to play: Explore the platform, view content and participate in activities. The more you do, the more points you earn and the higher your chance of winning a prize.

Top of the Leaderboard  
1st and 2nd place

Complementary registration for the ISUOG 
education course 'Diagnosis and 
management of congenital infections' to
be held online on 15 May 2021

3rd to 5th place Complementary upgrade for one year 
ISUOG Journal membership

Additional help and questions, membership and CME

1.    My question has not been answered in these FAQs, I need more help.
Click on the ‘Help Desk’ located in the the Symposium Lobby where you will find a video guide. During the live Symposium days (times advertised above) staff will be available to assist you via the help chat function.

2.    How can I talk to ISUOG about ISUOG membership or other activities?
Visit the ISUOG stand in the Exhibition Hall to find out about ISUOG activities and chat with a member of our staff team. Alternatively read about ISUOG’s membership benefits on our website

3. Are there CME points for the event and where can I get my certificate of attendance?
The ISUOG Virtual International Symposium has been accredited for up to 16 CME points by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME). You will be able to claim one CME point per hour of live scientific content you attend up to a maximum of 16 points/hours. 

Additionally, the Symposium is accredited by the Royal Society of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Face-to-face conferences or courses, and all synchronous online conferences or courses such as live webcasts and live webinars held outside of Canada can be reported as accredited group learning activities under Section 1 of the MOC Program if they are developed by a university, academy, college, academic institution or physician organization or are eligible under a CPD/MOC recognition agreement. Attendees may claim 1 CME point per hour of educational activity.

Through an agreement with Sonography Canada, 1 SB (sonography based) Sonography Canada CPD credit in the speciality area of Ob/Gyn (OB) per hour of educational activity may be claimed up to a total of 17 CPD credits. The Sonography Canada reference code for this education event is CPD # 2021-014

Following the Symposium, you will receive an email link to an online evaluation form, at the same email address you used to register for the Symposium. On completion of this evaluation form, you will be redirected to your e-certificate of attendance, which you can download and personalise. You can use this certificate to self-certify and claim your CME points.
NB: We encourage you to save this to your computer, as you will not be able to revisit the page once you navigate away from it.

4. IS EACCME accreditation recognised in my country?
EACCME credits are recognised in many European countries; please see the EACCME website for the full list:
Through an agreement between the Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes and the American Medical Association, physicians may convert EACCME® credits to an equivalent number of AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM. Information on the process to convert EACCME® credit to AMA credit can be found at
For all other countries, this is assessed on a case-by-case basis and we suggest you consult your specific accrediting body.

5. Do I have to watch the sessions live in order to claim CME points?
 In order to claim EACCME points for sessions you must watch them live, at the times given in the scientific program – please note this also includes the introductory session and moderated Q & A and the end of each session. Unfortunately, it is not possible to earn EACCME points by watching sessions On Demand or after the event.
Sonography Canada will issue up to 17 Sonography Based CME points for attending the live sessions & viewing the post-event content. 

6. Will ISUOG provide a record of sessions attended during the Symposium?
ISUOG will not provide a detailed record of sessions attended for delegates, and we strongly recommend that you keep a note of this throughout to event to aid with the self-certification process.