Please see our Congress 2020 speaker declarations


The following speaker declarations have been received:

  • R. Anderson: Has a consultancy role with Roche Diagnostics and the presentation will include commercial references - Roche Diagnostics AMH assay.
  • P. Benn: is a consultant at Natera, Inc. Relevant abstracts qualified as an original study (not published the time of submission) with the original abstract submission deadline. Please note that as of May 5th, this work is online as an Epub.
  • A. Khurana: Is a Consultant with GE Healthcare and Stakeholder in Imagetech Aspari
  • A. Bhide: Represented ISUOG on the SMFM Task Force on Placenta Accreta Spectrum.
  • A. Borrell: Received travel and congress registration funding from Illumina
  • E. Bradburn: Dr Mohammad Yaqub: Employee.  Prof Aris Papageorghiou and Prof J. Alison Noble: Senior Scientific Advisors.
  • C. Brezinka: Received a GE Austria lecture fee 2019, China
  • J. Carvalho: Will perform a scan demonstration and will refer to the equipment being used for this
  • M. Chen: Prof. Ming Chen is the honorary cofounder of Cytoaurora Biotechnology Inc., Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan.
  • G. Condous : Is on the Advisory panel for Roche Diagnostics and is a GE Healthcare international speaker  
  • G. DeVore: May speak about GE Voluson fetalHQ.
  • H.P. Dietz: Receives speaker fees and travel assistance from GE and Mindray. Presentations will refer to 3D ultrasound systems
  • J. Gardosi: The authors are employees of the Perinatal Institute, a not for profit social enterprise that provides training and software tools including customised GROW charts and support services to health care organisations including the GAP program.
  • F. Grati: is an expert panel member for Roche.
  • E. Hadar: Pulse-N-More is the manufacturer of the INSTINCT device, a novel ultrasound system of which I am the principal investigator for the clinical trial studying the safety and usability of the device during pregnancy.
  • T. Hartmann: Two of the authors (Tim Hartmann and Krisztian Lato) report that they are involved in the organization that develops and distributes the simulator app with a financial and / or non-financial interest in the subject matter or materials discussed in this abstract.
  • K. Hecher: Presentations will include discussion on GE ultrasound machines
  • D. Jackson: Phillips, Luminary instructor.
  • E. Kostenko: I am a full time Roche employee.
  • S. Leonard: Peter Benn is a consultant at Natera, Inc.
  • A. Noble: Is Co-founder of one division and a consultant of Intelligent Ultrasound Ltd. Her presentation may mention products in development at Intelligent Ultrasound. She may also illustrate the state of art in clinical adoption by showing figures of commercial products.
  • J. Park: Dr. JS Park, Dr. CW Park, and Dr. SM Lee receive research consulting fees from SeaSun Biomaterials, Inc, Daejon, Republic of Korea. No other author has reported a potential conflict of interest relevant to this article.
  • M. Pertile: May present some results from my own laboratory (a not for profit NIPT provider) and will need to provide some basic reference to the methodology employed.
  • L. Platt: Has the following interests - Research support for GE medical systems; Labcorp research support; Natera potential research. He has also been part of the speaker bureau at Illumna, including past research support.
  • R. Pooh: I am a CEO of Ritz Medical Co.,Ltd
  • L. Poon: Receives speaker fees and consultancy payments from Roche Diagnostics, Ferring Pharmaceuticals and GE Healthcare, and in-kind contributions from Roche Diagnostics, PerkinElmer, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and GE Healthcare. Relevant presentations will refer to Ultrasound  PlGF, sFLT-1.
  • M. Ruma: Philips Healthcare - consulting and speaker’s bureau. The presenting author received no financial compensation for the submission of this abstract.
  • M. Schmid: This presentation discusses Roche's Harmony NIPT. I am employed as a genetic counselor in Medical and Scientific Affairs.
  • H. Shah: Financial support for this research was provided in part by Genesis Research Trust by way of an educational grant and the loan of Samsung Equipment by Samsung Medison. There was no involvement by the sponsor in the study design, writing of the report, or decision to submit the abstract.
  • T. Tellum: Received speaker fees for lectures from GE Healthcare. No other financial interest in any company or manufacturer.
  • S. Verlohren: Is on the Advisory board and receives speaker fees from Roche Diagnostics and ThermoFisher; Is on the Advisory Board of Alexion. Presentations will refer to sFlt-1, PlGF, NTproBNP.
  • Y. Ville: Two presentations will refer to valacyclovir
  • C. Vincent: All authors are employees of Roche Diagnostics Canada or Ariosa Diagnostics Inc. and Roche Sequencing Solutions Inc.
  • L. Waldowski: Consultant for Nanosonics.

The following presentations will include discussion of commercial products/services:

OC04.03, OC05.09, OC07.04, OC07.06, OC08.02, OC10.05, OC10.07, OC10.08, OC10.10, OC11.06, OC12.02, OC17.07, OC18.03, OC19.05, VP03.01, VP06.04, VP06.05, VP06.06, VP07.01, VP13.03, VP15.11, VP16.01, VP20.16, VP20.20, VP22.17, VP23.02, VP25.08, VP29.06, VP29.11, VP30.01, VP30.04, VP34.03, VP34.10, VP34.13, VP34.15, VP34.17, VP36.14, VP38.06, VP39.05, VP41.03, VP42.13, VP44.06, VP44.07, VP45.01, VP45.04, VP45.22, VP45.23, VP45.25, VP45.27, VP45.29, VP46.08, VP46.27, VP47.05, VP53.01, VP53.03, VP54.02, VP56.04, VP57.02, VP58.01, VP62.09, VP63.18, VP64.03, VP64.11, VP64.14.

The following presentations will include discussion of investigative or off label uses of products:

OC12.02, VP03.01, VP11.06, VP14.15, VP15.11, VP20.20, VP21.07, VP50.03, VP54.02, VP56.01, VP59.33

The following presentations will include discussion of clinical studies:

OC02.09, OC04.03, OC07.07, OC07.11, OC09.03, OC09.04, OC09.06, OC10.02, OC10.03, OC10.04, OC10.05, OC10.07, OC10.11, OC11.02, OC11.09, OC12.02, OC13.05, OC13.09, OC15.01, OC15.02, OC15.04, OC15.06, OC16.01, OC17.05, OC18.04, OC18.08, OC19.01, OC19.06, VP02.01, VP02.16, VP03.01, VP04.02, VP04.08, VP05.04, VP06.05, VP06.06, VP06.08, VP07.01, VP09.03, VP11.05, VP11.06, VP11.17, VP12.04, VP15.01, VP15.09, VP15.20, VP16.15, VP18.21, VP19.01, VP20.05, VP20.20, VP21.06, VP21.07, VP22.11, VP22.16, VP23.10, VP24.03, VP24.06, VP26.07, VP26.09, VP26.14, VP27.12, VP28.01, VP29.01, VP29.03, VP29.04, VP29.13, VP30.04, VP32.14, VP32.17, VP33.01, VP33.03, VP34.01, VP34.03, VP34.10, VP34.14, VP34.16, VP34.21, VP34.27, VP35.04, VP36.01, VP36.11, VP36.15, VP36.24, VP37.05, VP37.06, VP37.12, VP37.15, VP37.18, VP38.06, VP38.11, VP38.12, VP38.13, VP39.04, VP40.09, VP40.19, VP41.04, VP42.05, VP43.16, VP44.04, VP45.02, VP45.05, VP45.08, VP45.21, VP45.26, VP45.28, VP45.34, VP46.06, VP46.15, VP47.05, VP48.09, VP49.02, VP50.01, VP50.10, VP50.13, VP50.24, VP52.09, VP52.14, VP52.18, VP52.19, VP54.02, VP54.05, VP55.10, VP56.01, VP59.06, VP59.15, VP59.16, VP59.17, VP59.33, VP59.49, VP60.03, VP60.04, VP60.07, VP62.03, VP62.04, VP62.05, VP62.09, VP62.11, VP62.18, VP62.24, VP62.32, VP62.33, VP62.36, VP63.08, VP63.13, VP63.18, VP64.03, VP64.15, VP64.16, VP64.22, VP66.02, VP68.05, VP68.11.