Speaking at the Virtual World Congress? Here are the general instructions for all presenters.

Presentation upload deadline: Friday 2 October 2020

Please read all the information in the sections below. Specific detailed instructions for your presentation type(s) must also be read.

Please note that the deadline for upload of your presentation has been extended for all presenters to Friday 2 October 2020. As the Congress is virtual this deadline must be respected.

Presenting authors of abstracts have been notified by email regarding the status of their abstract in the program and for oral presentations, the relevant session time.


Oral Communication (OC) instructions


Virtual Poster (VP) instructions


Invited faculty instructions: submissions, chairing, and presentation types


Hub instructions

Presentation formats and requirements 2021

  • We ask presenters to prepare their presentations in PowerPoint format. If presenters do not have their own template ISUOG has provided templates for ease of use, which are available for download here.

2021 Oral Communication template

2021 Virtual Poster presentation template

  • PowerPoint format must be 16:9 .pptx only. Video clips must  be embedded in your PowerPoint slides. Video clips must be viewable in its entirety within your presentation time
    • Oral Communication (OC):  maximum of 3 (three) PowerPoint content slides are allowed. Time allocated during the session is 3 minutes. Q&A will follow your presentation.
    • Virtual Poster (VP):  maximum of 1 (one) PowerPoint slide is allowed
  • Pre-recorded versus live presentations
    • Invited talks in the virtual auditoriums and all Oral Communication presentations must be pre-recorded and uploaded as an .MP4 file.
    • All invited talks in the Hubs are presented live.
    • All virtual posters must be prepared in advance and submitted as a .PPTX
    • All invited and oral communication presenters must attend the session to participate in the live Q&A.
  • All presentations must be in English. Please speak slowly and clearly throughout as this will help those who do not have English as their first language. 


  • The program must run to time and we ask when preparing your talks and participating in the sessions you remember that delegates are attending from around the world and have planned their day around the program. ISUOG reserves the right to shorten talks and to stop sessions that run over.

Powerpoint templates

Oral communication (OC): A maximum of 3 (three) PowerPoint slides are allowed. Download template below:

2021 Oral Communication template

Virtual poster (VP): A maximum of 1 (one) PowerPoint slide is allowed. Download template below:

2021 Virtual Poster presentation template


Presentation and poster management

All technical aspects of presentation management will be provided by eOrganiser (an external company appointed by ISUOG). All presenting authors will receive an email from eOrganiser in advance of the Congress with a link and instructions to pre-record and/or upload your video (.mp4) or PowerPoint (.pptx) files.

All presenters must be registered

All presenters must be registered to present their work. If you still need to register visit https://www.isuog.org/events/world-congress-2021/registration.html

Discounts are available for ISUOG members, trainees, sonographers and individuals from middle and low income countries.


Creating your presentation for an ISUOG audience: general guidelines 2021


  • Present NEW DATA ONLY.
  • Do not include any background to the research or reviews of previous studies as this will be covered by the session chairperson as necessary.
  • Make your title short to summarise the message of the research.
  • Do not include references unless it is imperative.
  • Do not present overly complicated figures that need extensive explanation. Presenters who are involved in oral communication or short oral presentation sessions will not have time to explain these fully.
  • Check your presentation carefully to ensure no typographical or style errors.
  • Images should be JPEG or PNG only.


  • Embedded video clips can be included in your slides. 
  • Most video file types are accepted as embedded video clips, e.g. MP4, MPEG, WMV, AVI, QUICKTIME.
  • The final file size of your presentation will be impacted by video clips, so ensure these are minimised in size as far as possible. Please see your presentation type section (OC, VP, Invited talk) for final presentation file sizes.
  • Example poster with a video: Click here.


  • Keep slides simple and concise – do not present too much information on any one slide.
  • As far as possible use just one or two colours on a plain coloured background for maximum impact.
  • Put any conclusions/summaries in a prominent panel.
  • If you have little experience in preparing PowerPoint presentations use the template provided.


  • Use as large a font as possible and no less than 16 point.
  • Avoid capital letters except at the beginning of sentences and proper nouns.
  • Avoid underlining.
  • Use a bolder, larger typeface for the main titles and headings. It can be effective to use a different typeface for headings and subheadings.
  • To emphasise text, use a bold or italic font.


  • Prepare your work in advance and ensure it is submitted promptly.
  • All presentations must be submitted prior to the Congress by the deadline advertised (Friday 24 September) so that our technicians can check these and test they work in our virtual environment.
  • All sessions are recorded and made available on demand.
  • A selection of invited talks, OC’s and posters will be selected and made available On Demand on ISUOG’s website approximately 3 weeks after the Congress.
  • Sessions and live presentations will be recorded so please ensure all language and content is appropriate to online presentation.


  • Patient confidentiality is important to all of us and all presenters are responsible for respecting this within their presentation.
  • Please remember you must not include patient data in your images or videos.
  • When inserting images into your presentation, in the event that you crop the image, please ensure you delete the cropped area of the image before saving your file.
  • Please note that cropped edges of images and any content contained in these outer areas (you wish to hide from the final presentation) is searchable in Google.


Material will remain fully acknowledged to, and copyright of, the author.

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