Submissions before the Congress

Hub speakers or chairs are not required to submit pre-recorded presentations for the Hub sessions, because all Hub sessions will be delivered live. However, please note that if you have been invited to present your abstract/poster in a Hub poster discussion, you will need to submit your virtual poster by Friday 24 September. See virtual poster section.
Please connect with the people in your session and agree in advance how the session will run. To see who is in your session, please see the program here. Please attend your rehearsal.
Rehearsals before the Congress
We shall hold brief, online technical rehearsals 1-3 weeks prior to the Congress. You will be sent an email with further information, as well as a calendar invitation. If you are participating in multiple Hub sessions, we do not expect you to participate in multiple rehearsals. Please try to attend at least one.
Live session: On the day
We will email you separately with a link to join the live webinar on the day and time of your session. You are required to join the webinar 30 minutes early and participate for the duration of your session.
Instructions for Hub Chairs and discussants
  • You are required to ensure the Hub sessions start, run and end on time, to have questions prepared to put to the speakers, and to moderate questions posed from the audience to the speakers.
  • There are multiple Hub formats and we have provided more detail for you if you are leading one of these below:
  • Hub poster discussions: Chairs are required to start the session with a summary of the posters. You will be sent the abstracts in advance. Following this, the technical team will play three of the posters, leave time for discussions, play another three poster, leave time for discussions etc. At the end of the session, Chairs will lead a discussion about the topic involving all the presenters. 
  • Hub debates: These follow a set format: Introduction by Chairs (2 minutes), attendees vote,  argument for the motion (5 minutes), argument against the motion (5 minutes), rebuttal for the motion (5 minutes), rebuttal against the motion (5 minutes), summary by Chairs, audience votes, conclusion by Chairs (3 minutes). It is essential that faculty attend their rehearsal to be briefed on this.
  • Hubs: In conversation with…: Chairs and/or discussants must facilitate and drive the conversation with the main presenter, review comments and questions coming from the audience and pose them to the presenter.