Improve your ultrasound diagnosis and detection of fetal anomalies at the ISUOG World Congress 2023.

Visit our topic in spotlight page to view the program highlights on fetal anomalies at #ISUOG2023. Prof. Simon Meagher gives his insight on the importance of this topic for improving women's health outcomes. 

Prof. Simon Meagher on 'Fetal Anomalies'

Want to get the most from your Congress experience? Don't miss out on being a part of our Pre-Congress courses:

Genomics course program highlights on 'Fetal Anomalies' include:

  • 1st-trimester prediction of pregnancy complications 
  • CfDNA application in prenatal diagnosis and beyond
  • Emerging applications in genomic screening

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Obstetrics course program highlights on 'Fetal Anomalies' include:

  • Most common anomalies in the corpus callosum: how to detect them and their impact on development
  • Early diagnosis of midline anomalies: holoprosencephaly, septal and callosal dysgenesis. 
  • Tips & tricks for sonographic diagnosis 
  • Advantages of MRI on the diagnosis of complex midline anomalies

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