VISUOG offers accurate, peer-reviewed, and evidence-based visual chapters covering a range of pregnancy and gynecological conditions. Detailed anatomical visualisations are provided to enhance clinical decision-making and diagnostic accuracy of Saplingitis and Uterine Fibroids.


Salpingitis is defined as an infection and inflammation occuring in the oviducts, which function as the passage for the transportation of ova and sperm, as well as the site of fertilization and early embryonic development. Inflammation in this area can lead to subfertility and infertility.

This chapter provides visual and descriptive insights into sonographic findings of salpingitis, offering transvaginal sonographic markers for identifying tubal inflammatory disease.

The content serves as a comprehensive resource for understanding this infection and inflammation, offering a detailed profile encompassing its definition, incidence, epidemiology, pathogenesis, and signs and symptoms.

It is crucial to grasp early diagnosis and treatment approaches for patients with salpingitis to avert complications that might lead to emergency gynecological situations. For further insights into emergency gynecology, read about the upcoming advanced education course.

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Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids, also known as myomas or leiomyomas, are benign fibromuscular tumours of the myometrium. Unfortunately, they impact up to 80% of women by age 50, with a higher prevalence among Black women. Often asymptomatic, they are diagnosed through clinical exams or incidental ultrasonography findings. Ultrasonography is the first line imaging tool, boasting high sensitivity and specificity in diagnosing leiomyomas as a distinct round or oval lesion within or attached to the myometrium.

This chapter visually guides one through ultrasound assessments of leiomyomas, STUMP, leiomyosarcoma, and adenomyoma. The chapter emphasises the features considered important in diagnosis of fibroids and adenomyosis, outlines best practices for the diagnosis of uterine fibroids, and provides a textual overview of its prevalence, pathogenesis, pathology, and management.

Read the VISUOG chapter on Uterine Fibroids for free throughout February.

Uterine fibroids, usually benign and symptom-free, can, however, give rise to acute gynecological issues with potential complications requiring emergency interventions. For further insights into emergency gynecology, read about the upcoming advanced education course.

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