ISUOG is participating in the World Pre-eclampsia Day to bring greater awareness to prevention, diagnosis and management of pre-eclampsia.

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New ISUOG Practice Guideline on the role of ultrasound in screening for and follow-up of pre-eclampsia

All ISUOG Practice Guidelines are hashtag free-access.

Best strategy for managing hypertension and pre-eclampsia at end of pregnancy

In 2009, the Hypertension and Preeclampsia Intervention Trial At near Term-I (HYPITAT- I) trial showed that inducing labor in women with gestational hypertension or preeclampsia at the end of pregnancy reduces the number of high risk situations for the mother, without compromising the health of newborns. A new analysis evaluated the impact of the HYPITAT-I findings on timing of labor and subsequent outcomes for mother and child in the Netherlands.

Prediction and prevention of small‐for‐gestational‐age neonates: evidence from SPREE and ASPRE

Watch the video abstract of a study by Tan and colleagues from Prof. Nicolaides’ group, showing that first-trimester screening for pre-eclampsia by maternal factors and biomarkers identifies a high proportion of cases of preterm SGA that can be prevented by the prophylactic use of aspirin.


Watch video lectures from our Congresses on early prediction and prevention of pre-eclampsia

Prevention of pre-eclampsia: update

Dr. Rolnik describes the prevalence of pre-eclampsia, reasons for aspsirin use and trials done on effect of aspirin on pre-eclampsia. 2017.

Early prediction and prevention of pre-eclampsia

This lecture was delivered by Liona Poon at ISUOG's pre-congress course "Modern obstetric management: the latest updates" in Vienna, in 2017

Pre-eclampsia screening after the ASPRE trial

Prof Da Silva Costa describes screening for PEC and the performance of screening parameters (including history, ultrasound and mean arterial pressure and reviews the ASPRE study. 2017.


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