With World Congress abstract submissions closing on 29 March 2023 we want to remind you of 5 key points to follow when preparing and submitting your abstract.

  1. State the problem. The beginning of the abstract should summarize a research problem or hypothesis-driven question, as well as provide background information that describes the significance and quality of the research. The statement of the problem should justify the importance of your research.
  2. Focus on your main findings. Do not try and fit all the findings of your study into the abstract. Focus on the most important results and data, and then formulate your abstract around those points to answer your research problem/ hypothesis-driven question. State the most important and significant results to engage the reviewers.
  3. Consider your audience. Tailor your abstract for the OBGYN audience and if you have a good image to demonstrate your findings, include it.
  4. State the conclusion concisely. The conclusion section of your abstract should be devoted to stating your main findings as concisely as possible and why this matters – what are the implications of your work, can it change clinical practice, can it advance the field? This will help the reviewers to understand the importance of your findings.
  5. Follow our guidelines – before submitting your abstract review our instructions carefully so that you format and upload it correctly.

Finally, be proud of your work and enjoy sharing it – we wish you luck with your submission.

Submissions close 29 March 2023