Future Trustees are currently nominated and shortlisted by our Advisory Membership Group and existing Board of Trustees. Their selections are proposed for appointment by our members at our Annual General Meeting.

Our voting process is overseen by an independent advisor Michael Jellicoe ([email protected]).

Please find below an excerpt from the ISUOG Orientation Manual and Committee Handbook outlining the detailed regulations for ISUOG’s nominations and voting process.


Procedures for appointment and retirement of Board members (Trustees)

(in conjunction with clause 5 of the Constitution’s Articles of Association)

  • Board members are elected for a four-year term. Trustees will serve for the full term except where they are required to retire early by rotation (clause 5.5) or due to automatic retirement (clause 5.7) as described in the Articles of Association. The need for one quarter of Trustees to retire supersedes the four-year term in office where necessary.
  • Trustees may be elected for shorter terms, or to complete an un-expired term, or retire early in order to ensure that not less than one quarter retire annually.
  • In the case where a Trustee resigns unexpectedly or in the middle of a term, the President has the right to make an immediate temporary appointment to complete that term until the next annual meeting where a new Trustee should be appointed in the usual manner.
  • Any Board member failing to discharge his/her duties for one year will be so notified by the President. If there is no valid reason for the neglect the Trustee may be retired early by the Board.
  • The Trustees will ensure that at all times a UK member capable of dealing with the statutory duties of the Society is appointed as a Trustee and, where possible, as an Officer of the Society.
  • Trustees may serve for a maximum of two complete consecutive terms (clause 5.6), unless elected as an Officer of the Society in which case they will be considered to be commencing a new term.
  • A Trustee may not be retired if currently in the middle of an Officer’s two year term. Officers are also subject to the rules for reappointment and retirement of Officers at the time of election.
  • Any retired Trustee is eligible for re-election at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) following the AGM at which he or she retired.
  • The Secretariat will keep a schedule of retirement dates for all Trustees.
  • Any Board member or advisory member can nominate candidates for Trustees positions. A statement of the reasons for the nomination is required.
  • Ahead of opening the nominations, the number of open positions and the current Board profile will be evaluated to define absolute requirements and desirable criteria for incoming Trustees. These criteria will be agreed by the Board, supported by the nomination committee. In nominating potential new Trustees, the Board and Advisory members will attempt to recommend members that meet these criteria, to ensure a balanced skill set to undertake their role as Trustees, and attempt to reflect the geographic spread, gender, areas of subspecialty interest and influence of the Society and its members. In particular it will aim to appoint representatives from each continent.
  • The full list of nominations will be reviewed by the Nominations Committee. The membership of this committee consists of the Presidents, Secretary and one other randomly selected trustee. The list of nominees will be objectively assessed against the set desirable criteria. A short list of candidates that reach these criteria will be produced by the nominations committee for final approval by the Board no later than the time of the mid-year Board meeting.
  • Once approved by the Board this final shortlist goes forward for voting by simple vote to the Board and advisory members, according to the number of positions available, in order to produce a final short list of nominees at least three months in advance of the proposed appointment date. An impartial external advisor will monitor this voting process.
  • Nominees will be informed of their nomination at least three months prior to the proposed election date. Written acceptance and all required documentation must be provided by nominees prior to their election, including a statement of interest, a trustee skills assessment form, a signed memorandum of understanding and a conflict of interest form. These documents will be circulated to voting members,
  • Members will be advised of nominated Trustees in the advance notice of the AGM.
  • New Trustees will be voted in at the AGM (see voting procedures).
  • The Editor-in-Chief of the Society’s official Journal will be invited to attend meetings of the Board. This representative is not eligible to serve on the Board but will be an ex-officio member of the Board and will not have voting rights.
  • If not an existing Board member, the Chair of each annual Congress will be invited to attend meetings of the Board for the year in advance of the date of the Congress. This representative will be an ex-officio member of the Board and will not have voting rights.