Watch recordings from ISUOG's 10th webinar on COVID-19, covering the latest research into COVID-19 in pregnancy. Topics include how to predict infection without a test, an explanation of the ZOE study and information and data on vertical transmission and neonatal infection.

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Coronavirus: Outcomes, predictions and infection – from mother through to the neonate

Watch the full webinar on outcomes, predictions and infection of COVID-19, from the mother through to the neonate.

Outcomes of pregnant women hospitalised with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 - data from the UK national cohort study

Prof. Marian Knight (UK)

The full symptom complex of COVID19: how to predict infection without a test. Lessons from the ZOE study of over 3 million participants

Prof. Tim Spector (UK)

Neonatal aspects of SARs-CoV-2 infection and data collection to inform our understanding

Prof. Neena Modi (UK)

Outcomes, predictions and infection: Questions and answers

Moderated by Prof. Tom Bourne (UK), Christoph Lees (UK) and Liona Poon (HK)