Watch the recordings, key messages and the presentations from the third webinar on staff wellbeing and maintaining a healthy workforce, during a time where services are being stretched and colleagues are being pushed to manage the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Full webinar video on Coronavirus: Wellbeing and the workforce

Watch the full webinar on wellbeing and the workforce

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Key lessons learned on Wellbeing and the Workforce

Read, watch and share the presentations summarising the key lessons learned from the third ISUOG webinar on Coronavirus on wellbeing and the workforce.

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Why staff testing is vital - make sure you avoid turning your unit into an incubator

Shawn Vasoo (Singapore)

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Maintaining staff wellbeing during the pandemic: Mental health and resilience training

Manisha Mathur (Singapore)

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How can we rationalise early pregnancy and gynecological scanning services

George Condous (Australia)

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Advising staff on PPE for specific medical procedures 

Shawn Vasoo (Singapore)

Basic Training Vienna Suresh talk

Wellbeing and the workforce: Questions and answers

Moderated by Tom Bourne (UK), Christoph Lees (UK) and Liona Poon (Hong Kong)