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We are delighted to offer FREE access to a range of educational resources in Spanish to showcase the benefits of ISUOG for your continual professional development.

Read the latest research and guidance from ISUOG's journal, webinars, basic training and Patient information leaflet on COVID-19 and pregnancy.

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Learning modules

We have created a comprehensive learning tool for our members, covering a range of ultrasound related obstetric and gynecological subjects.


Coronavirus (COVID-19): Resources in Spanish

Read the latest ISUOG resources on COVID-19 translated into Spanish, including key messages from our COVID-19 webinar series in both video and PowerPoint formats, the latest research and guidance from our magazine, and the information brochure for patients updated on COVID-19 and pregnancy.


Spanish translations

View ISUOG Guidelines on Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology, available in Spanish


Patient Information Series

ISUOG Patient Information leaflets are written and reviewed by medical professionals for patients who need quick and reliable information. The series covers a range of topics in obstetrics and gynecology to help patients and their family members make more informed choices.

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Spanish-language Basic Training lectures

Here you will find all our Basic Training Spanish-language courses and lectures

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UOG in Spanish

Summary of selected articles translated into Spanish