Ectopic pregnancy (EP) is characterized by the implantation and development of an embryo outside of the uterine cavity. The overall rate of EP is 1–2% in the general population, and 2–5% among patients who have utilized assisted reproductive technology.

Anyone capable of conceiving of child-bearing age, who is sexually active or having fertility treatment like IVF, is at risk of ectopic pregnancy. Although the overall mortality has decreased over time, ruptured EP is a leading cause of maternal death during the first trimester with a mortality rate of up to 14%, and also responsible for approximately 5–10% of all pregnancy-related death.

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Aug 2, 2022

Definition and sonographic reporting system for Cesarean scar pregnancy in early gestation: modified Delphi method

I. P. M. Jordans, C. Verberkt, R. A. De Leeuw, C. M. Bilardo, T. Van Den Bosch, T. Bourne, H. A. M. Brölmann, M. Dueholm, W. J. K. Hehenkamp, N. Jastrow, D. Jurkovic, A. Kaelin Agten, R. Mashiach, O. Naji, E. Pajkrt, D. Timmerman, O. Vikhareva, L. F. Van Der Voet, J. A. F. Huirne First published: 14 November 2021

Aug 2, 2022

Recurrent Cesarean scar pregnancy: case series and literature review

I. E. Timor-Tritsch, G. Horwitz,F. D'Antonio, A. Monteagudo, E. Bornstein, J. Chervenak, L. Messina, M. Morlando, G. Cali First published: 07 January 2021

Oct 9, 2020 Journal news

Differences in post-traumatic stress, anxiety and depression following miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy between women and their partners: a multicenter prospective cohort study

One in 12 partners experience post-traumatic stress after miscarriage, suggests a new study. The research, led by Imperial College London, surveyed over 100 couples who had experienced early stage pregnancy loss (miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy before 12 weeks).



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Aug 1, 2022

The value of 3-D ultrasound for the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy

By Prof. Simon Meagher, Early Pregnancy Complications: Ectopic Pregnancy and Miscarriages

Nov 19, 2020

Pre-treatment 48-hour β-hCG ratio to predict success of medical and expectant management of ectopic pregnancy

By Dr Jason Mak, Prof. George Condous and Natalie Louise Kaiko, World Congress 2020



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