Having trouble accessing the International Symposium? See our troubleshooting tips below.

●    Is your internet connection stable? Wired connection (LAN) is recommended rather than wireless connection (WiFi, MiFi or etc). If the connection is unstable, it may terminate a session with the expired webpage.
●    If the connection is unstable or you have an intermittent problem with your connection, can you connect from another location / different internet connection/source?
●    Are you connecting from home or work? If you’re connecting from work, is there anything that can prevent you from connecting to websites, logging into areas? Firewall / other restrictions? If so you may need to request permission from a system administrator.
●    If you are encountering problems on the device you are using, please try again on another device where possible. Do you have the same problem on another device/computer?
●    Have you received any latest updates for your computer? If you are using Windows or Mac, please ensure that you have the latest software and security updates for your machine.
●    Which browser do you use? We recommend you use Google Chrome or Firefox.
●    Close any web browsing sessions / tabs that are not needed. This can release resources on your computer.
●    Do you have internet security software that could be affecting your browsing experience? Naturally, we would not suggest you switch this off, but there may be other software affecting your connection.
●    Have you used the same user ID (email address) and password as when you created your Symposium registration profile? If you have registered, you will already have your own credentials. These were also sent to you with your joining instructions email.
●    Please use the ‘Forget password’ option if you don’t remember your password or your credentials have been created by someone else.
●    After requesting your password via ‘Forget password’, check your email inbox as well as ‘junk folder’. It may be stored directly to your junk mailbox.
●    Please type in your credentials correctly as you might have special characters, numbers or letter case.
Connect to the Virtual Platform:
●    If you don’t have any issues with your registration, you will see a TAB called ‘Enter Virtual Symposium’ after logging in to your profile.
●    Click the TAB called ‘Enter Virtual Symposium' first, and then click the BUTTON called ‘Enter Virtual Symposium’ again to connect to the virtual platform.
●    If you register to the Symposium during the event, you will not be able to connect to the virtual platform immediately. The support team is confirming your registration and giving access to the virtual platform. It will take approximately one hour. You will receive a confirmation email with your login details accordingly.
Other issues:
●    If you receive any error messages, please provide screenshots.
●    Also confirm any details used to login and steps taken in receiving the error
●    Please provide the above when contacting support at [email protected] with any issues encountered