Trainees and residents were invited to submit case presentations for review. Select cases will be presented and discussed at the Symposium.

Those cases selected by the reviewers, will be presented and discussed during the following session:
  • Stream: The ISUOG Mid-trimester Fetal Ultrasound Certificate Course
  • Session: Challenging cases in fetal diagnosis
  • Session date: 17 April 2021
  • Session time (MDT, Calgary time): 16:00-17:30
How to submit your case: Please review timelines and guidelines below first. Submission closed on 15 February. Thank you if you submitted a case. You will be contacted about whether your case has been selected for presentation or not, shortly. If you have any queries, please contact [email protected]

Find out more from session Co-Chair Dr Karen Fung-kee-FUNG


Key dates:
  • Case submission deadline: 15 February 2021
  • Confirmation of selected cases: 1 March 2021
  • Final pre-recorded case presentation submission deadline: 15 March 2021 
  • Live discussion of cases: 17 April 2021
Submission guidelines - topics: We invite the submission of cases within these topic areas: All aspects of fetal diagnosis and therapy utilizing appropriate technology, either Ultrasound or MRI imaging modalities or both. Case presentations should provoke debate and discussion on the management of complex cases. Submissions will be prioritized based on uniqueness of the cases and the quality of the images.
Submission guidelines - content/format: Our online submission form has these sections that you should use to submit your work:
  • Title -  A summary of the case - descriptive to show that the case is relevant, interesting and worth discussing at the event (5 - 20 words).
  • Case - A short description of the case, starting with the patient’s history, your investigation, and progress so far (100 – 500 words).
  • Conclusion - A discussion of why the case is interesting, what ideas you have had, and why input from experts in the field would be useful (100 – 200 words).
  • PPT presentation file – These are the slides which you will present, if selected. All images/videos embedded for presentation should be de-identified and cropped as appropriate. All images/videos should be of high quality and demonstrate the pertinent findings of the case. They may include images in JPEG or PNG format and/or short, edited videos in MP4 format. Any video clips must be embedded in your PowerPoint slides. All slides submitted (including any videos) should be able to be presented during the case presentation, which is scheduled for 5 minutes.  The final file size of your presentation will be impacted by images and videos, so ensure these are minimised in size as far as possible (Please submit your presentation in PowerPoint format 16:9 .pptx and ensure the file name is your surname). 
  • Please see template PPT here
Submission conditions: 
  • You will be the author of the submission by filling in the online submission form.
  • Copyright and permissions - By submitting your case you grant ISUOG an exclusive license for the full period of the copyright throughout the world. The exclusive license allows us to publish the final version of the case report in material distributed at the event and on the event website, accessible to registered delegates. Please note that we may also record the event and use the video content online and as part of our e-learning program.
  • Trainee/residents – Submitters must be a trainee/resident in obstetrics and gynecology, clinical/research fellow in fetal medicine, House Officer or other not licensed to practice independently in their specialty.
  • Attendance/registration/presentation – If your case is selected for presentation, you will be informed and asked to pre-record and submit your presentation in MP4 format, and you will need to be registered for the event and present for the session to answer questions live. Submitters agree to register and be present virtually live at the time of the presentation, if their case is accepted for presentation.
Selected case presentations: Submitters will be informed if their case has been selected or not, after the submission deadline. If selected, submitters will be informed and asked to register, pre-record their presentation in MP4 format (5 minutes max), submit it, and then be present for the session to answer questions live. The session chairs will then lead a 5 minute discussion (live), with the case presenter, of
  • Diagnosis by audience
  • Discussion of findings (what case really is, and case management)