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Specific certificates of completion will be available for delegates who sign up for the certifcate course and meet various conditions. See full details and conditions here.

Meet the Faculty 

Dr Angela Ranzini explains why you should attend

Program - Mid-trimester Fetal Ultrasound Certificate Course

17 April, 2021

Please note that any delegate registered for the ISUOG International Symposium can attend the course, but delegates can only obtain the certificate of completion for the course if they sign up and meet conditions.
Part 1:
The mid-trimester scan: When do we do it and what do we do? - Laurent Salomon, France
The brain in 3 easy planes: Evaluation of the anterior complex - Angela Ranzini, USA
The fetal face - variants and pitfalls during 2D and 3D imaging - Ian Suchet, Canada
The mid-trimester fetus with short long bones: IUGR, Skeletal Dysplasia or something else? - Jane Corteville, USA   
Part 2:            
Who's afraid of the heart? Views beyond the four chamber heart made simple
The fetus with an abdominal mass: Prenatal findings and postnatal diagnosis - Chris Cassady, New Zealand
Echogenic kidneys: Ciliopathies and beyond - Rabih Chaoui, Germany
Part 3:
What is the role of the genetic sonogram in 2021? - François Audibert, Canada          
What to look for in twins in the second trimester - Liesbeth Lewi, Belgium
Diagnosis and management of Placenta Previa - Venu Jain, Canada
Part 4:
Challenging cases in fetal diagnosis – presented by trainees and residents                    
Medical misadventures in women's imaging: A Canadian national perspective - Liisa Honey, Canada
Introducing VISUOG - Karen Fung-Kee-FUNG, Canada
Plenary: Seeing what matters – Amy Herman, USA

Supplement your learning - Mid-Trimester Fetal Ultrasound: Fetal anomalies

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Video lectures 

Tips and tricks in renal ultrasound: How to get to the right diagnosis (L. Guibaud)

Watch this exclusively released lecture, delivered at ISUOG's 30th World Congress. Other resources available below. 

Nov 6, 2018

Cardiac ultrasound: the heart of the matter

This lecture was delivered by Rabih Chaoui at ISUOG's World Congress in Singapore, in 2018.

Nov 15, 2019

Live volume / video demonstration face and skull: 1. Essentials in 2D and additional information from 3D, 2. Bone rendering

This lecture was delivered by B. Benoit at ISUOG's 29th World Congress in Berlin, in 2019.

Jan 28, 2021 Video

Exomphalos and gastroschisis: Diagnosis and outcome (A. Tabor)

This lecture was delivered by Ann Tabor at the ISUOG Intensive Course "Fetal Anomalies" in 2019.

Apr 1, 2015 Video

Ultrasound screening for congenital anomalies

Prof Thilaganathan reflects on overall screening and implications to counselling in high risk obstetric cases . 2015.

Jul 9, 2020 Video

Warm-up: cardiac screening versus fetal echocardiography

This lecture was delivered at the ISUOG Advanced Course “Advances in fetal Echocardiography” in February 2020.

Jan 17, 2021

All you need to know to assess the fetal heart in the second trimester

Dr Alfred Abuhamad

Apr 29, 2017 Video

Screening for major pregnancy syndromes: GDM, FGR and preterm delivery

Prof Hyett discusses implications, evidence and pitfallls of IUGR, preterm delivery and gestational diabetes. 2017.


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Ultrasound in pregnancy

This leaflet is to help you understand the use of ultrasound in pregnancy, the timing of your scans, and what additional scans you might need during your pregnancy.

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  • CME Activity: Big Mothers, Big Babies: Getting the Most From Your Scan
  • CME Activity - Effective Screening for Congenital Heart Disease
  • CME Activity - Fetal Neurosonography: Tips and Tricks

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