Diagnoly is a DeepTech company dedicated to addressing a critical pain-point within fetal ultrasound screening: nearly half of all fetal pathologies go undetected prenatally. This leads to adverse neonatal outcomes (infant mortality, handicaps, neuropsychological disorders), unnecessary medical interventions and liability claims. Diagnoly stands out in advancing revolutionizing the detection of fetal pathologies during ultrasound examination. Our goal is to secure fetal ultrasound examination and significantly improve the prenatal detection of fetal pathologies. To achieve this, we developed an AI-powered medical software device that analyzes fetal examination in real-time, aiding healthcare professionals in detecting complex fetal pathologies. Our software, Fetoly, not only evaluates the completeness of ultrasound examination in real-time but also automates ultrasound views freezing and identifies over 90% of major fetal cardiac pathologies. This year a first version of our flagship device will be available in the US and Europe.