Founded in 2020, Sonio’s mission is to improve maternal and children’s health by promoting access and quality of care through technological innovation, medical expertise, and collective intelligence. Sonio is an Artificial Intelligence solution for prenatal screening and diagnosis with over five years of research and collaborations between leading experts in fetal medicine and artificial intelligence. Sonio’s goal is to support the analysis of practitioners in prenatal screening and diagnosis by assuring the completeness of their examination and increasing the accuracy of their patient scan results. Sonio is present in 18 countries and is being used in 250 care centers. Sonio is creating a comprehensive solution, to help enhance the health of women and children, through collaborations with esteemed medical and scientific experts. We’ve recently received 510k FDA clearance in the USA for Sonio Detect-Ai driven software to ensure high-quality exams, automatically detecting views and quality criteria of ultrasound images. Along with that, we have CE-MDR class IIA clearance for our expert product in Europe.