ISUOG Outreach partners with SANA Medical NGO to support its work in delivering OB/GYN ultrasound to under resourced areas of Lebanon


SANA Medical NGO is an NGO established by ISUOG Ambassador to Outreach in the Middle East, Dr. Reem Abu-Rustum, in co-operation with ISUOG that is dedicated to serving the remote needy areas of Lebanon which have the highest levels of home births and maternal mortality. Since 2011, Outreach's Dr Reem Abu-Rustum has led groups of between 20-30 trainees in various sites throughout Lebanon. 

Location: Tripoli, Lebanon

Hospital: Various 

Training dates: 2011 - Ongoing 



SANA’s aim is to provide assistance to the patients and caregivers in the from of education and training with the ultimate goal of impacting maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality.  This is accomplished by ensuring the availability and implementation of basic prenatal screening programs, identifying the high risk groups and planning their care, and through the introduction of obstetrical ultrasound to those communities. SANA provides theoretical, as well as hands-on training to the local caregivers, and upon completion of the  training, provides the trainees with ISUOG Certification and the community with ongoing support.


Project Updates:

SANA  NGO on it's last trip to Dahieh

SANA's team returns to Jabal Al Biddawi

SANA NGO returns to Kfaribnine

SANA NGO works with MSF in Daz

SANA and Hopital Aboujaoude Hold the Third Session for the Resident Training Course in Ob/Gyn Ultrasound, in Cooperation with ISUOG