ISUOG Outreach launches a new program to reduce morbidity and mortality in pregnancy and improve ultrasound access in Nigeria.


The ISUOG Outreach program will be kicking off in Benin City, located in Edo State (Nigeria) from 6-10 September.

While the ISUOG Secretariat will be handling its operations remotely from London, the local Nigerian Outreach Volunteer team, under the leadership of Dr Ehigha Engabudoso, will be conducting the training on the ground while respecting local social distancing measures. 

28 trainees from across Edo State will be coming to Benin City, with the support of both the Ministry of Health and Government of Edo State, to receive training. The intention will be for them to then subsequently become trainers within their own jurisdictions to build capacity within Edo State. 


The program is possible thanks to a partnership between the government of the state working side by side with local doctors, the local hospital, and ISUOG 

You can follow the trainees progress with regular updates from those taking part on the Outreach blog.