At this year's ISUOG World Congress, you can expect to see a wide range of workshops led by internationally acclaimed clinicians, offering invaluable insights and advanced techniques across various specialties in obstetrics and gynecology.

The workshops held during the Congress are interactive sessions that will provide a combination of debates, lectures, discussions and scans from leading ultrasound experts. Whether you're looking to enhance your professional skills, explore new ideas, or connect with others in the industry, the workshops provide valuable opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Sunday 15 September

AI is everywhere: separating hype from hope

[LIVE SCAN] Artificial Intelligence in the second and third trimester Rogelio Cruz-Martinez, Mexico
Machine vs human: who does better at measuring cervical length? Helen Feltovich, United States
Our bodies, our babies and AI: patient perspective Brittney Crystal, United States
Real-life AI: what can it do? Tuangsit Wataganara, Thailand
Vaginal or Caesarean delivery and other outcomes: can machines predict better than us? Simcha Yagel, Israel

IOTA today

Challenging cases Lil Valentin, Sweden
Current IOTA recommendations for evaluating ovarian masses
Influence of AI on classifying ovarian masses Dirk Timmerman, Belgium
Selecting masses for conservative management Wouter Froyman, Belgium

Monday 16 September

New insights in fetal growth

Biomarkers and haemodynamics in SGA and FGR: results from TRUFFLE 2 Christoph Lees, United Kingdom
ISUOG third trimester ultrasound guideline Asma Khalil, United Kingdom
To screen or induce: what is best in late pregnancy? Yves Ville, France
Universal fetal growth scan: is this coming? Sailesh Kumar, Australia

Starting pregnancy right: first trimester evaluation

[LIVE SCAN] Scanning at 12 weeks with Kypros
Fetal CNS malformation during the first trimester: what every clinician should know Simon Meagher, Australia 
First trimester anomalies: a practical guide Reem Abu-Rustum, United States
Shifting the algorithm of aneuploidy and anomaly before 11 weeks: a novelty or a reality? Daniel Rolnik, Australia

Ultrasound in the management of fibroids

Choosing the appropriate therapy: medical, HIFU, embolisation, surgery Robert de Leeuw, Netherlands
Fibroid or sarcoma? Antonia Testa, Italy
Ultrasound before and during surgery for fibroids Wouter Froyman, Belgium

Double insight: clinical challenges of twin pregnancies

Abdominal circumference in the prediction of complications in monochorionic twins Prathima Radhakrishn, India
Selective fetal reduction: what should we counsel in specific cases? Boaz Weisz, Israel
Update on screening and prevention of premature birth in multiple pregnancies Mauro Parra-Cordero, Chile

Echo essentials for everyone

[LIVE SCAN] Essentials of fetal heart evaluation Vita Zidere, United Kingdom
AI-informed speckle tracking for fetal arrhythmias Jun Yoshimatsu, Japan
Audience challenge: name this anomaly Joshua Copel, United States
First trimester detection of conotruncal heart defects Marcin Wiechec, Poland
Genetics of heart disease Joshua Copel, United States

Navigating the spectrum of placenta accreta to prevent obstetric tragedies

Perinatal death from vasa previa: an obstetric tragedy that can be prevented by ultrasound Yinka Oyelese, United States
Predictive value of cervical hypervascularity in PAS Juan Luis Alcazar, Spain
The sonopathology of placenta accreta spectrum Jin-Chung Shih, Taiwan
Ultrasound prediction of complex Caesarean sections: beyond placenta accreta spectrum Francesco D'Antonio, Italy

Unravelling diagnostic options in prenatal care: from ultrasound findings to molecular precision

Cortical brain malformations: genetic evaluation Karina Haratz, Israel
Cortical brain malformations: ultrasound evaluation Yuval Yaron, Israel
Fetal facial anomalies: genetic evaluation Lorraine Dugoff, United States 
Fetal facial anomalies: ultrasound evaluation Waldo Sepulveda, Chile
Hydrops fetalis: ultrasound and genetic evaluation Fionnuala Mone, United Kingdom
Ventral wall malformations: genetic evaluation Simon Meagher, Australia
Ventral wall malformations: ultrasound evaluation Simon Meagher, Australia

Tuesday 17 September

Let's focus on POCUS

[LIVE SCAN] POCUS scan in obstetrics Amir Shamshirsaz, United States
Basic chest and abodminal scanning
One interactive case and discussion Magdalena Sanz Cortes, United States
Why introduce POCUS in obstetrics? Amir Shamshirsaz, United States
What is maternal POCUS? Jérôme Cornette, Netherlands

Controversies and updates in congenital fetal infections

Dealing with white matter findings in CMV-infected fetuses Gregor Kasprian, Austria
Implications of fetal anemia caused by CMV and parvovirus B19 
Neglected infectious fetopathies: what to look for when the TORCH work up is negative? Léo Pomar, Switzerland
Universal screening for CMV in pregnancy: is it time? Lisa Hui, Australia

Early pregnancy: diagnosing pregnancy location and managing complications

Can we reduce the psychological impact of pregnancy loss using and explaining cell-free-DNA results? Nina Parker, United Kingdom
Do bleeding, pain or subchorionic hematoma affect pregnancy outcome? Maya Al-Memar, United Kingdom
HCG, progesterone and other biomarkers in the management of early pregnancy complications
Pitfalls of MTX and expectant management of ectopic pregnancy George Condous, Australia

More than just a pretty face: deep dive into the fetal face

[LIVE SCAN] Scanning the face in the second trimester Lawrence Platt, United States
From prenatal detection to postnatal correction of the facial cleft Amarnath Bhide, United Kingdom
The face mirrors the brain: what to look for in the face when you see a brain anomaly and vice versa Waldo Sepulveda, Chile
3D facial morphology: making it objective

The abnormally invasive placenta: what to do

Case examples illustrating the obstetrical management of abnormal placentation Joseph Yazbek, United Kingdom
Diagnosis and counselling of women with Caesarean scar pregnancy Davor Jurkovic, United Kingdom
Evaluating abnormal placentation in second and third trimester of pregnancy Conrado Coutinho, Brazil
Treatment options in early CSP

Current perspectives on adenomyosis and endometriosis

[LIVE SCAN] Scanning the pelvic side wall Daniela Fischerova, Czechia
Assessing adenomyosis severity Robert de Leeuw, Netherlands
Describing the ultrasound features of adenomyosis and fibroids Thierry Van den Bosch, Belgium
Management options in adenomyosis Tina Tellum, Norway
The patient perspective Adrienne Salamon, Hungary

How ultrasound can help you manage complications of labor

Intrapartum ultrasound for (un)planned breech delivery Frank Louwen, Germany
The use of ultrasound to guide the management of postpartum hemorrhage Ilenia Mappa, Italy
Womens’ experiences and views on intrapartum ultrasound compared to vaginal examination

The cycle of perinatal health: from prenatal screening to postpartum care

Advancing pregnancy outcomes prediction: integrating omics, angiogenesis, and ultrasound in clinical risk assessment and screening tool development Ulla Sovio, United Kingdom
Factors associated with severe neurological and non-neurological morbidity in late pre-term and term infants: is it possible to mitigate these risks? Sailesh Kumar, Australia
Navigating second chances: progesterone and cerclage in preventing subsequent preterm births? Helen Feltovich, United States
Optimal postpartum management of pre-eclampsia Basky Thilaganathan, United Kingdom

The fetal chest interventions for cardiac malformations and CDH

Fetal cardiac interventions: experience from one of the largest fetal centres in Europe
Fetal treatment of CDH: when can it work, why does it fail and how to remediate? Jan Deprest, Belgium
Integrated care of CDH harness benefits of fetoscopic tracheal occlusion Ahmet Baschat, United States

Wednesday 18 September

Genetics of fetal brain development

[LIVE SCAN] AI and neurosonography Liona Poon, Hong Kong
CNS anomalies: the current challenge is screening Fernando Viñals, Chile
Pitfalls of genetic tests and the role of neurosonography Ritsuko Pooh, Japan
The challenge of diagnosing polymicrogyria in utero Dario Paladini, Italy

WES in CNS anomalies Antoni Borrell, Spain

Lifecycle of the woman: pregnancy and future health of her and her fetus

How pregnancy complication affects future maternal health 
Impact of maternal lifestyle on fetal growth and development Fatima Crispi, Spain
Point of care testing for maternal cardiovascular evaluation Jérôme Cornette, Netherlands

Using ultrasound to guide treatment in gynecology and oncology

Fluid instillation and HyCoSy Thierry Van den Bosch, Belgium
Trucut biopsy for pelvic masses Daniela Fischerova, Czechia
Ultrasound guided procedures in the uterus Davor Jurkovic, Untied Kingdom
Ultrasound guided procedures in acute gynecology Joseph Yazbek, United Kingdom