Sponsors and exhibitors should check this page for details on all regulations, processes and deadlines they must adhere to.

Onsite at the HUNGEXPO, Budapest, Hungary
Address: H-1101 Budapest Albertirsai út 10
Visit the website here.
  • Exhibition build: 13-14 September 2024 (access hours to be confirmed for sponsors/exhibitors, depending on package entitlements and stand size/type)
  • Pre-Congress Courses: 14 September 2024
  • Congress: 15 - 18 September 2024
  • Exhibition breakdown - 18 September 2024
International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG) 
122 Freston Road, London, W10 6TR, UK
ISUOG (or the “Organisers”) will be responsible for the management of the Congress exhibition and for the coordination of exhibitor and sponsor activities. 
Please note that the official language of the Congress is English.
Click the above links to open the documents. More documents to be published soon.
Eligible sponsors to submit scan demonstration suggestions to ISUOG
Exhibition and sponsorship super early bird deadline: book and pay for 15% discount
Exhibition and sponsorship early bird deadline: book and pay for 10% discount
Eligible sponsors to submit sponsored symposium program details to ISUOG for Scientific Committee approval
Scan demonstration faculty and topics confirmed with eligible sponsors by ISUOG
 June 24
Eligible sponsors to submit abstract book adverts to ISUOG
Sponsors to book digital signage at the Congress venue by emailing ISUOG, if they wish
Diamond sponsors to submit mini program booklet advert to ISUOG
Eligible sponsors to submit scan demonstration technical form (machine specifications & equipment provision) to ISUOG
Sponsors/exhibitors to provide evidence of third party public liability insurance to ISUOG (for themselves and any contractors)
Eligible sponsors to submit hospitality suite program to ISUOG
Sponsors/exhibitors to submit stand plans to ISUOG for ISUOG/HUNGEXPO approval
Sponsors/exhibitors arranging any special set-ups in their hospitality suites/meeting rooms to submit a technical plan/drawing including the following information to ISUOG for HUNGEXPO approval:
  • Any signage/banners/branding planned
  • Expected electric power usage
  • Structural flame-proof certification if woodwork/carpentry is required
  • Equipment list if any planned usage of special equipment/machinery (air shot, fog, etc)
  • Confirmation of floor protection (Pytex flooring) being laid out if any installation is planned
  • Service provider(s) information, including:
Name of company
Permit number
Contact person
Mobile number
  • In addition, if any machines are to be operated within the hospitality suite, the technical drawings must include the position of the machines, their technical parameters and technology they run on.
Early bird registration deadline
Sponsors/exhibitors to submit Congress app profile text and resources
Sponsors/exhibitors to submit booking form (for shell schemes and any space-only requiring electrics, furniture, AV, graphics etc.)
IMPORTANT: Orders made to Hungexpo will be priced 20% above the advertised rate after 23 August, and 40% onsite
Eligible sponsors to submit app push notification/social media content to ISUOG
Diamond and platinum sponsors to submit data protection addendum, to receive delegate mailing list, to ISUOG
Sponsors/exhibitors to submit their 20 second innovation videos to ISUOG
Sponsored symposium sponsors to submit their app notification/daily newsletter text to ISUOG
Sponsors/exhibitors to submit freight forwarding/logistics/storage orders to Schenker
IMPORTANT: There is no onsite storage, sponsors/exhibitors must order this via Schenker
Daily Congress newsletter sponsors to submit their newsletter text and banners to ISUOG
Exhibition hard build

13 September

08:00 – 12:00: Marking out and shell scheme construction
12:00 - 22:00: Priority access for Diamond, Platinum and Gold sponsors
14:00 - 22:00: Access for Silver, Bronze and remaining space only stands
22:00: Exhibition hall closes. All exhibitors/contractors must vacate the building.
IMPORTANT: No truck access inside exhibition after 13 September
Exhibition soft build
14 September
08:00 - 22:00: Access for all space only stands
10:00 - onwards: Electricity installation
From 14:00: Decoration/stand dressing/fine tuning only, on the shell scheme stands
22:00: Exhibition Hall closes. All exhibitors/contractors must vacate the building. ALL stands must be ready, empty crates and packaging material must be removed, and all aisles should be cleared, for opening the next day
IMPORTANT: There is no onsite storage, sponsors/exhibitors must order this via Schenker
Congress Exhibition hours
15 September
08:30 - 19:30 (including Welcome Reception)
16:00: ALL stands must be ready, and all aisles must be clear of exhibits to enable cleaning and setting up of the catering areas for the Welcome Reception
17:30: Exhibitors are cordially invited to the Welcome Reception. ALL exhibitors are asked to please be at their stand for the duration of the event.
16 September
08:30 - 17:55
17 September
08:30 - 17:55
18 September
08:30 - 14:20
18 September
From 14:30: dismantling before 14:30 is not permitted

Contact details for all suppliers

Please find below details of the various suppliers that can be used for the ISUOG World Congress. Please note HUNGEXPO Ltd has fixed suppliers, these are indicated in the table below.
Contact details
Email address: [email protected]
Email address:  [email protected]
Catering (fixed)
Email address: catering@hungexpo.hu
Exhibition services
To reserve any of these services, complete and submit the HUNGEXPO Ltd booking form and send to [email protected]
IMPORTANT: compulsory for all stands
WiFi / wired networking (fixed)
AV (fixed)
Furniture (fixed)
Security (fixed)
Cleaning (fixed)
Waste removal/skips (fixed)
Graphics (fixed)
Email address: [email protected]
Freight forwarding, logistics and storage (fixed)
Email address: [email protected]
Hostess & Temporary Staff hire
Email address: [email protected]


Social media, video, print, web, app and email advertising

Social media package

Eligibility: Included in Diamond package. Platinum, Gold and Silver sponsors have option to purchase.
  • The use of ISUOG logo
  • The use of ISUOG hashtag
  • The use of ISUOG World Congress branding (if desired)
  • 1 post on ISUOG Twitter account*
  • 1 post on ISUOG Facebook account*
  • £500 additional fee for any additional social media accounts desired
*All text and design will be subject to final sign off by the ISUOG marketing department. Diamond and platinum sponsors can stipulate the date of their posts (outside of live event dates). All other sponsors’ posts will be scheduled by the ISUOG marketing department. Content should be sent 10 days in advance of posting/sending minimum. Sponsors wishing to use the brand must follow the World Congress brand guidelines. ISUOG can offer a design service (at cost) for sponsors for social media materials if desired. Sponsors who wish to use the brand and/or design service, must contact [email protected].
Facebook post format:
  • Up to 500 characters including spaces and the compulsory phrase “Promotional message from (company name)”. We require this to differentiate promotional messages from ISUOG content
  • If an image contains text, it won’t be included in the word count
  • If you would like to use images or your company logo, it should be sent as JPEG or PNG format
  • You can decide on the purpose of your post with your marketing team and keep us informed. ISUOG will schedule your post according to ISUOG inner schedule
Tweet format:
  • Up to 280 characters including spaces and the compulsory phrase “Promotional message from (company name)”. We require this to differentiate promotional messages from ISUOG content
  • If an image contains text, it won’t be included in the word count
  • If you would like to use images or your company logo, it should be sent as JPEG or PNG format
  • You can decide on the purpose of your post with your marketing team and keep us informed. ISUOG will schedule your post according to ISUOG inner schedule
Please send your content to [email protected].
Deadline: 1-Aug-24

Innovation video on website

Eligibility: Included for all sponsors 
Format: mp4 file via downloadable link such as WeTransfer or Google Drive sent to [email protected]. Duration: 20 seconds max
Deadline: 1-Aug-24

Mini program booklet advert

Eligibility: All Diamond sponsors are entitled to one mini program booklet advert
Format: ISUOG to confirm in due course.
Deadline: 14-Jun-24

Abstract book advert

Eligibility: Premium position included for Diamond sponsors. Allocation included for Platinum sponsors
Deadline: 14-Jun-24
Please note that adverts will be placed where space allows at the discretion of the Organisers.

Advanced delegate opt-in mailing list

Eligibility: 1x advanced list for all Diamond and Platinum sponsors, for use twice, plus 1x use for symposium if applicable
Eligible sponsors are entitled to receive a copy of the advanced delegate opt-in list for 2 advance mailings. The list will be provided to sponsors who sign and return the data protection addendum to [email protected]. If you have not received the addendum, please contact [email protected]. Please note, the mailing list will consist of delegates who have opted in for sponsor communications according to GDPR. Sponsors must share their mailing with ISUOG for approval before sending.
Deadline: 1-Aug-24

App notifications and profiles

Eligibility: All sponsors will have a profile created on the Congress app
Format: The basic entitlements are as follows:
- 200 words describing your company
- Company logo to fit 720 X 405px
- Resources such as a file (PDF/image), external link (website) or youtube video (will open via YouTube app)
Each sponsor will be notified of their specific entitlements depending on their sponsorship package via email.
Deadline: 1-Aug-24
Push notifications
X1 each for all Diamond and Platinum sponsors
X1 per scan demonstration
X1 per sponsored symposium
Format: Character limit and image dimensions (if applicable) to be confirmed by ISUOG in due course.
Deadline: 1-Aug-24

Scan demonstrations

IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: Under no circumstances may live obstetric or gynecological scans take place on exhibition stands or within the exhibition area. All live scanning must be restricted to:
  • the demonstration area within the scientific sessions – see this section
  • or, where pre-booked, meeting rooms or hospitality suites – see meeting room/hospitality suite section
Those involved in live scan activities must comply with the scan demonstration guidelines.
Eligibility: X 2 included for Diamond sponsors. X 1 included for Platinum sponsors. Option to purchase x 1 for Gold sponsors
Deadline to submit scan demonstration topic and/or speaker suggestions: 31-Jan-24
The allocation of scan demonstrations will take place in the spring of 2024. Companies will be contacted individually to confirm topic and speaker details.
Logistics: Since several companies are eligible for scan demonstrations, we will allocate each company responsibility to provide some of the basic equipment and ask you to leave it in place for the entire Congress. Please advise the Organiser via the scan demonstration technical form (machine specifications & equipment provision) which equipment you are able to provide.
Deadline to submit form: 14-Jun-24


Eligibility: Option to purchase for Diamond and Platinum sponsors
AllocationPriority allocation of symposia will be given based on level of sponsorship and first-paid, first served basis. Symposia are organised during lunch breaks or before/after the scientific program, at times which do not conflict with ISUOG’s main scientific program, however we cannot guarantee that other activities will not be running concurrently. Symposia do not form part of the CME-accredited program.
Program: Symposia speakers and programs will need program approval by ISUOG
Deadline to submit program details: 14-May-24
Onsite logistics:


Provisional timings:  
Room access times 
Symposia start/finish times 
15 September
12:25 - 13:45
12:35 - 13:35
16 September
12:55 – 14:15
13:05 – 14:05
17 September
12:55 – 14:15
13:05 – 14:05
18 September
12:55 – 14:15
13:05 – 14:05

Access to the symposium hall will not be possible until the previous session ends, and the symposium must end 15 minutes before the next session starts. It is essential that the symposium starts and ends at its scheduled time and that all speakers adhere strictly to the program timings. The chairperson of the symposium and/or onsite company coordinator has a responsibility to oversee that the information presented during the symposium is based on proven data and for adhering to the assigned time slot. We cannot completely guarantee that the sessions will be unchallenged by other activities as sponsors have the opportunity to run hospitality sessions at these times.


The stage set-up includes a screen and seating for up to 7 persons. A lectern is not included in the stage set as. Therefore, symposium speakers presenting live must arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the symposium to be fitted with a headset microphone by the ISUOG AV team, and o will also be given a handheld switcher device to move through their presentation slides. Sponsors will need to cover the cost of any extra/special room set up they require, and this will be subject to ISUOG’s AV team’s advance approval and subject to ISUOG’s AV team’s schedule. Please bear in mind that there is no facility for storage of any equipment within the venue other than within your own exhibition space. If sponsors/exhibitors require storage they should contact the official freight forwarder in contacts list above.
Provided set-up is subject to change.


ISUOG will not liaise with symposia speakers directly. The sponsoring company must manage all communications and speaker management and cover their requirements/expenses. Please note that it is the sponsor’s responsibility to register their speakers for the Congress and submit their presentations to ISUOG according to ISUOG's instructions.


Sponsors are responsible for staffing their individual symposium, ISUOG will not provide any staff/hostesses to assist in the running of the symposium e.g. badge scanning, microphone support. Please note that any additional hostess/staff working on your Symposium, within your Hospitality Suite or on your stand must have a valid exhibitor badge which must be purchased in advance. Your exhibition passes are valid to access your own symposium but to no other scientific sessions or other symposia. 


For symposia taking place during the lunch break, delegates can go to the exhibition prior or after to take their lunch. However, it is recommended that sponsors consider providing a packed/box lunch within the symposium, for maximum attendance. Please contact ISUOG and the Hungexpo caterer for options ([email protected]). Sponsors will need to cover the cost of any extra catering they wish to provide, and this will be subject to ISUOG’s advance approval and subject to the venue’s logistical regulations.


Sponsors are permitted to erect one freestanding / pop-up style banner, up to 2m (h) x 1m (w) immediately outside the main entrance door to the symposium room from 15 minutes prior to the symposium start time. You may also erect a further two freestanding banners inside the symposium room from 15 minutes prior to your session and for the duration of your symposium. If you circulate flyers or branded materials in your session, we ask that you remove all surplus or left behind material at the end of your session. No branded materials should be left in our outside the room after the symposium.


ISUOG is not responsible for unsatisfactory attendance and/or marketing of symposia. The opinions presented at the symposia are solely those of the speaker and the commercial supporter. They do not represent the opinion of ISUOG. ISUOG does not provide CME credit for these programs.


Hospitality suites and meeting rooms

  • Room hire only
  • Room size: 75sqm +
  • Option to place branding within room, option to place one branded pop-up banner immediately outside the room
  • Hospitality suite name/location listing on Congress floorplan
  • Hospitality suite program listing in mini printed program (industry section) and on digital/web program (industry section) – if pre-approved, for sessions taking place during scientific program breaks only
  • Room hire only
  • Room size: Max 75sqm
  • Option to place branding within room, option to place one branded pop-up banner immediately outside the room
  • Meeting room name/location listing on Congress floorplan
  • IMPORTANT: Please note, meeting room activities are not promoted by ISUOG in any other Congress materials except the floorplan. If promoting your meeting/other activities is important, you will need to upgrade to a hospitality suite

 PLEASE NOTE: Exhibitors/sponsors are asked not to enter the hospitality suites or meeting rooms of other companies.


Sponsors who have booked hospitality suites will have been informed which room they are assigned by ISUOG. Please contact ISUOG for technical floorplans. Rental dates are for the number of days agreed and paid for on a sponsor-by-sponsor basis. Please note, rates are quoted per day for the hours of the scientific program, and any set-up days or additional hours requested by sponsors will be subject to venue availability and to additional rental costs.


Branding and/or signage as required by companies within their rooms is permitted, however, nothing may be hung from the ceiling or attached to the walls. Any extensive set up/branding plans will need to be submitted to the venue for approval. One pull-up sign highlighting your hospitality suite is permitted immediately outside your hospitality suite but it may not obstruct corridors in any way.


Sponsors will be responsible for any technical and audio visual set-up, electrical, furnishing, catering and other costs, which must be hired from the HUNGEXPO Ltd.

Waste removal

Any small-sized waste will be collected from the small waste bins by the venue. Any other/general/large size waste must be removed by the sponsor during the breakdown period on 18 September. This is the sponsor’s responsibility. If at the end of the breakdown period, any large waste is left onsite from exhibition stands, hospitality suites or meeting rooms, the sponsor will be charged for waste removal by ISUOG.
Please note that a waste removal fee is payable as follows:
  • 1-20 sqm: 27 EUR
  • 21-40 sqm: 53 EUR
  • 41-60 sqm: 80 EUR
  • Above 61 sqm: 106 EUR

Notes for sponsors planning scan demonstrations in Hospitality Suites OR Meeting Rooms:
  • Any live scans taking place within hospitality suites are the sole responsibility of the sponsor/exhibitor. ISUOG does not take any liability for any scan demonstrations taking place outside of the scientific program
  • It is the sponsor's responsibility to provide any technical, audio-visual or scanning equipment required within their hospitality suite, including scan machines and scanning tables, plus any additional materials (pillows, blankets, gel, wipes, etc) if you intend to project live scanning
  • Please note that sponsors should ensure that any scanning equipment for use in these areas is secured
  • Sponsors must acquire their own scan demonstration models (including record of their consent) to perform such activity within their hospitality suites
  • Those involved in live scan activities must comply with the scan demonstration guidelines.
Deadline to submit Hospitality Suite programs to ISUOG 14-Jun-24
Deadline for sponsors/exhibitors arranging hospitality suites/meeting rooms to submit plans and service requests together with full risk assessment to ISUOG ([email protected]) and venue ([email protected])
Plans should include: Technical dimensions, including:
  • Any signage/banners/branding planned
  • Expected electric power usage
  • Structural flame-proof certification if woodwork/carpentry is required
  • Equipment list if any planned usage of special equipment/machinery (air shot, fog, etc)
  • Confirmation of floor protection (Pytex flooring) being laid out if any installation is planned
*Service provider(s) information, including:
Name of company
Permit number
Contact person
Mobile number
  • In addition, if any machines are to be operated within the hospitality suite, the technical drawings must include the position of the machines, their technical parameters and technology they run on.


Provisional floorplan

Please see the provisional exhibition floorplan for the ISUOG World Congress below. This floorplan is subject to change. Any exhibitor who has not confirmed a stand space location will be able to choose from the available stands. Should there be any changes to the plan, exhibitors will be advised accordingly and final stand number will be announced later in the summer.

Stand building

ISUOG’s official exhibition services company: HUNGEXPO Ltd will be providing shell scheme packages and also offers stand construction and other services as outlined in this technical manual.
Shell schemes: Each shell scheme booth includes the following:
  • White wall panels (Octanorm walls of 2,5 height)
  • 1 x fascia header
  • 2 x spotlights
  • 1 x power outlet including mains supply 3 kw
  • 1 x information desk
  • 2 x stools
  • 1 x waste basket
  • Grey carpet
  • Daily cleaning (emptying waste basket, vacuum cleaning)
  • A fascia sign with the exhibitor name is included in the shell scheme package
  • Fascia nameboards will be black lettering on white board, maax 20 characters
  • If you require a company logo these will be charged accordingly 
  • Sponsors may pay a supplement to upgrade
Stand plan approval: Stand plans will need to be approved by HUNGEXPO Ltd and ISUOG. Exhibitors are required to submit their proposed stand plans together with full risk assessment to [email protected] with [email protected] in copy for review and approval by 14-Jun-24. Stand plans should include the following for approval:
1. A scaled drawing (scaled 1:200 DWG), including elevation views of the proposed booth to be built
2. Electrical connections – a list of all appliances:
  • single-line wiring diagrams with performance data,
  • technical description,
  • description on electrical shock protection,
  • fire and work safety descriptions,
  • detailed description of the parameters of electrical devices,
  • start up parameters for motors over 5 kW,
  • engineer’s statements featuring the name, permit number and signature of the engineer.
3. Fire safety conformity certificate (building material, structure, method of construction, verification of potentially combustible or explosive materials)
4. Other utility connections such as water and drainage are subject to availability and must be checked with HUNGEXPO Ltd/ISUOG prior to submitting the designs
5. In addition, if any machines are to be operated at the exhibition stand, the technical drawings must include the position of the machines, their technical parameters and technology they run on
6. The name and contact details of their official stand contractor inc. permit number
ISUOG reserves the right to deny the stand plan, if the plan is not appropriate. ISUOG reserves the right to access the stand at any moment in order to check its compliance with regulations.
Deadline: 14-Jun-24

Exhibition regulations

  • Height limit: The maximum height of stands is 4.5m, in all locations*.
  • Weight limits: The load capacity of the hall flooring is 3.5 tonnes.
  • All stands need open tops – Stands can only be built in a way which allows smoke to pass through the structure in order to ensure the operation of the hall’s smoke alarms.
  • All exhibits are to be displayed to avoid blocking aisles, obstructing adjoining booths, or damaging the premises.
  • Exhibition material that is placed outside the booth will be removed at the exhibitor’s expense.
  • Exhibitors are kindly requested to allow sufficient see-through areas that ensure clear views of surrounding exhibits. Entire sideway walls will not be approved.
  • Island booths should be partly accessible on all “open” sides. You are only allowed to build walls that covers third of each side. We try to keep the exhibition as open and inviting as possible
  • Construction finish must be perfect in all the stand’s visible areas, including rear sides and stand ceiling
  • Carpets can only be installed in halls with double-sided tape. Exhibitor is obliged to provide for the removal of the carpet taping as well as the taping for protective film during the takedown period. Only adhesives which can be removed from the concrete surface of the halls can be used for this purpose. The use of self-adhesive carpeting or superglue is prohibited.
  • All structural back walls of neighbouring booths must be properly decorated. Back walls (reversed side) over 2.5m in height must be finished neatly with tidy wiring, if any
  • No construction will be allowed if it overshadows a neighbouring stand
  • No rigging is allowed
*Within the leased exhibition stand space, the pillars of the halls can be encased and built around up to the authorized construction height, in a manner which causes no damage to the pillar whilst providing for the access, visibility and use of any fire hydrant cabinets, hand-held fire extinguishers, electrical cabinets, fire alarms and lights indicating escape routes installed next to the pillars.
All structures installed by Exhibitor, Lessee or their exhibitor or subcontractor can only be one of temporary nature. Any unauthorized buildings, installations, decorations or stands remaining after the takedown period may be taken down by HUNGEXPO Ltd Ltd. at the expense of Exhibitor, Lessee without examining the property rights of said structures. HUNGEXPO Ltd Ltd. excludes its liability to the greatest extent permitted by legislation for materials and decorations of the structure being taken down or belongings left at the stand or building.
Only materials which adhere to EU and Hungarian standards are to be used during the construction works.
The building services engineering and building electricity devices must adhere to MSZ 2364 specifications. Deviations from approved plans are only accepted in the case of plan amendment permits.
It is mandatory for any sponsor/exhibitor/their contractor bringing any large items over 1,500 KG to submit a detailed plan describing the unloading procedure and dismantle procedure for build/breakdown in the exhibition. This should include:
  • Access planned
  • Transportation being used
  • Plan for weight distribution (number of platforms, dimensions and weight resistance)
Raised floor/platform: Please note that if your booth has a platform higher than 4.5 cm, you are required to provide a ramp for wheelchair access. The platform sides must be closed and finished neatly. The platform edges must be safe, secured and easily visible (marking with yellow and black tape)
Unless otherwise agreed in writing by ISUOG, exhibitors are not authorised to sublet, share or transfer their stand space. In the event of an exhibitor failing to take possession of their stand ISUOG has the right to re-allocate the stand and all monies paid shall be forfeited.
Noise levels:
No microphones or PA systems are allowed in the exhibition.
The use of drones throughout the venue is STRICTLY prohibited.
Access for build and breakdown:
  • HUNGEXPO Ltd are responsible for coordinating the entry of vehicles and goods, and the length of stay of vehicles, into the venue during build, the live exhibition and breakdown, within the hours confirmed by ISUOG
  • All sponsors will be asked to provide names of personnel and licence numbers of vehicles, requesting access for build and/or breakdown
  • All sponsors/exhibitors will be informed of their build access time slot by ISUOG and must adhere to these times and regulations
  • Diamond and Platinum sponsors will have build access priority
  • The use of loading and unloading areas is exclusively for this purpose. It is forbidden to remain parked in these spaces. All vehicles must remain with their engine off within the premises
  • The maximum speed limit is 20 kmph
Breakdown and waste disposal:
  • No waste should be left in the exhibition aisles at any time
  • Any space used by a sponsor/exhibitor must be returned to the venue completely clear of all sponsor/exhibitor items and returned to its original state by the sponsor/exhibitor or their contractor
  • Any damage detected in space used by a sponsor/exhibitor will be made known to the sponsor/exhibitor and the appropriate measures will be taken by ISUOG or the venue to charge costs to the sponsor/exhibitor
  • Once the breakdown is over, ISUOG nor venue will be held responsible for the safekeeping or storage of any items left in the venue. If the venue has to arrange the removal of any items, the venue reserves the right to destroy or remove items and to charge this to the sponsor/exhibitor
  • Please see ‘freight’ section below to arrange your own freight
  • It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to dispose of all materials after dismantling. Any equipment, display aid or other material left behind after 18 September will be considered discarded and abandoned
  • Any charges incurred for waste removal will be sent to the individual exhibitor/sponsor concerned
  • Please do not leave any visible valuable articles at your stand. In addition, please consider hiring extra security for your stand before\after exhibition opening hours if needed

Fire, health and safety

Fire safety:
All textiles used in stands must be fireproof, and have papers to prove this. Failure to provide these, may cause delays or even stop stand build. The use/storage of flammable substances is forbidden. If any doubt, contact [email protected].
Particular attention should be devoted during the designing and construction procedures to provide access to security devices, fire hydrants/extinguishers, sensors, escape routes and portals and their signs. These must not be onstructed - even temporarily - and no false signals are to be emitted by said devices. 
  • Fire protection devices of the area:
  • Fire alarm system – Manual
  • Built-in automatic fire extinguisher system (sprinkler)
  • Fire hydrant
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Heat and smoke extraction system – Automatic
Escape direction lights and emergency lighting system.
A 1-meter perimeter must be left vacant as a service way in order to access electrical switches, cabinets and fire safety devices installed along the wall. No walls, stand devices or boxes can be built or temporarily installed in this area. Any objects left in this area during the operational period will be moved to the waste disposal units. In exceptional cases with special permit it is possible to build next to the wall of the pavilion.
Fire hydrants, fire extinguishers as well as manual fire alarm signals are installed next to the hall doors and on the hall pillars. The use, access and visibility of these devices must be secured, therefore they cannot be obstructed or covered in any way.
The hall features an emergency evacuation lighting system, which shows safe escape routes in the case of an emergency. Covering or restricting the visibility of these emergency lights are strictly prohibited If necessary, the emergency lights can be moved or modified with special permit. Suggestions, recommendations are in the Fire Protection Manual, follow the instructions and consult with the fire protection staff.
Working-current cabinets are installed on the pillars of the hall (approx. 3 meters apart). In case of an emergency, these cabinets must be turned off, therefore they cannot be blocked in any way.
Activities involving naked flames within the hall can only be carried out with a special fire permit. It is prohibited to cause smoke! A filled out fire permit must be brought by the person carrying out the activity, and it must be approved by the person authorized to do it in the facility.
Covering the existing walls or column structures are only permitted with a special permission. Fire protection staff must be agreed in advance.
Any materials used for stand or structure decoration in the pavilion must be flame retardant or B s1 d0 certified.
The design and the install of the curtains in the pavilion must be agreed by fire protection staff. Curtains must be Class 1 certified.
  • Fire insurance (compulsory): Exhibitors must be insured against fire
  • Electricity: If the stand has a platform, electricity distribution points must be kept accessible. Exhibitors must be aware of the possibility of placing power lines and connections across stand spaces and corridors to supply those services to all other stands
  • Screwing, nailing or the use of paint, glue or anything that can damage the structural elements of the building are not allowed. In case of damage to the venue and its facilities, the cost of repairs or replacement will be charged to the exhibitor
  • Special care must be taken to ensure that the visitors will be inside the booth and not standing in the aisle. For example screens or any kind of equipment to be shown or demonstrated may not be placed directly on the edge of the stand contracted in order to ensure that the visitor viewing the screens/equipment will be inside the booth and not blocking aisle traffic. Any counter, desk etc. or device (i-pads, touch screens etc.) which attract visitors may not be placed immediately at the borders of the booth facing the aisles (there should be a reasonable distance from the edge of the booth). Coffee bars or other F&B-stations must be inside the booth area to ensure that the visitors are standing and queuing up inside the booth area and not standing in the aisle
 Access to extinguishers must not be restricted, neither must their respective signs or emergency doors be blocked. It is not permitted to operate any machinery that emits fumes, gas, steam, smoke or flame.
Health and safety:
You are required to comply with all statutory, local authority and standard institution regulations, standards, provisions, requirements, codes of practice, recommendations and laws for the time being in force that are applicable to your use of the venue premises and facilities for the duration of the Congress. It is your responsibility and not ISUOG’s or the venue’s to ensure that you and any third parties are aware and adhere to all of the above matters. All exhibitors are responsible for the health and safety of their staff on their stand and within the venue. Please consider the following points:
  • Appoint a competent person to handle health and safety measures for your participation 
  • Review the accident statistics of your participation at previous events in which you have been involved
  • Read this technical manual and heed all stipulated and stated regulations and safety requirements 
  • Undertake a risk assessment for the event & ask any of your contractors for a risk assessment for the event - it is advisable that a risk assessment is completed for the booth &/or hospitality/meeting rooms and submitted to both the venue and ISUOG
  • Notify all parties of any undue hazard resulting from the risk assessment
  • All evacuation routes and emergency exits have to be free of materials and cannot be blocked for any purpose throughout the event
  • Do not block any emergency equipment (e.g. fire extinguishers) throughout the event
  • Follow all displayed warning signs and posters throughout the event
  • Smoking is prohibited at the venue throughout the event
  • During the build and breakdown, it is prohibited to consume alcoholic beverages in the working area as well as to perform work under the influence of alcohol and drugs
  • Children under 18 years are not allowed in the venue during build or breakdown
  • Only guide or medical assistant dogs are allowed in the venue
  • Exhibitors/sponsors/contractors are required to wear the necessary personal protective equipment such as safety footwear, protective helmets, eye protection, and hand protection required by the specific work
  • It is obligatory to use personal protective equipment in various stages of build and breakdown if there is a potential hazard to yourself
  • All tools should be safety checked and with required protections, please disconnect electric tools when not in use
  • All ladders, scaffolds and similar equipment must be of good quality/safety checked, have all their components, and be of the right size/type
  • Any trolleys, forklifts and similar equipment should be used for the transportation of goods, not people
  • When dealing with electricity always use a certified electrician 
  • Be careful when walking in the aisles during set-up and avoid walking in front of forklifts and between crates 
  • Keep all aisles and work areas clean and free of hazards. Discard all rubbish and waste in the proper containers 
  • When lifting, keep your back straight. Use your legs to lift the object, not your back 
  • Use a step stool or step ladder, not a table or chair & have a well-stocked first aid kit with you 
  • When dismounting from equipment or fixed objects always dismount facing the machine or object. Never jump down.


Insurance and liability

ISUOG holds a World Congress around the world every year, and this includes an exhibition. ISUOG arranges its own insurance specifically for the World Congress each year, and this includes cancellation, postponement and public liability.
ISUOG’s public liability insurance covers its staff/representatives. A condition of the insurance is that all onsite sponsors/exhibitors and their onsite suppliers have third party public liability insurance of their own. This is standard practice for ISUOG and other international events/exhibitions. It is noted in ISUOG’s standard exhibition terms and conditions and technical manual, and exhibitors must comply.
Of course, ISUOG also carries out risk assessments for the Congress, and adheres to all Congress venue health and safety requirements. It also expects all exhibitors and their suppliers to carry out their own risk assessments and adhere to health and safety best practice. Each party having public liability insurance is therefore for the ‘worst case scenario’, but is nevertheless necessary.
Exhibitors agree to be responsible for any damage to property and for any loss or injury caused by them or their agents or employees and will indemnify the Organisers against all claims and expenses arising there from. Exhibitors are also responsible for the security and insurance of their activity, materials and content at all times. Exhibitors agree to consult their insurance company or insurance brokers to cover themselves fully against any risks associated with their activity. Exhibitors MUST confirm proof of third party public liability insurance for no less than the equivalent of £2,000,000 (we recommend £10m) to [email protected] by 14 June 2024.
You are responsible for insuring against any legal liability incurred in respect of injury or damage to property belonging to third parties. In addition to this you should protect against abandonment and cancellation or curtailment of the event due to reasons beyond the Organisers’ control.
In participating in this Congress, companies agree to be responsible for all damage to property and for any loss or injury caused by them or their agents or employees and will indemnify the Organisers against all claims and expenses arising there from. The exhibitor is responsible for the security and insurance of their activity, materials and content at all times. Exhibitors agree to consult their insurance company or insurance brokers to cover themselves fully against any risks associated with their activity. If relevant, liability to the public should also be covered by appropriate insurance, by the exhibitor.
In the event of it being necessary for any reason whatsoever for the exhibition to be abandoned, postponed or altered in any way in whole or part, or if the Organisers find it necessary to change the dates of the exhibition, the Organisers shall not be liable for any expenditure, damage or loss incurred in connection with the exhibition. The Organisers shall further not be liable for any loss, which the exhibition or exhibition contractors may incur owing to the intervention of any authority, which prevent or restricts the use of the premises or any part thereof in any matter whatsoever.
While the Organisers take every precaution to protect the exhibitors’ property during the exhibition, they are not responsible for any loss or damage. Please forward proof of third party public liability insurance for your company and any contracts you are using, no less than the equivalent of £2,000,000 (we recommend £10m) to [email protected].
Deadline: 14-Jun-24



  • Sponsors/exhibitors are responsible for all items on their stand during the whole exhibition, including build and breakdown, and other rooms (hospitality suites and meeting rooms) for the duration of the event
  • All rooms including the exhibition, used by ISUOG, will be locked after event hours.  It is the responsibility of the exhibitors/sponsors to make sure their additional rooms (hospitality suites and meeting rooms) are locked after event hours
  • It is recommended that items are not left unattended and laptops and valuables are removed from stands/rooms when not manned
  • ISUOG and the venue cannot be held responsible for items left unattended or any possible theft occurring during the event. The most vulnerable times are build up and breakdown
  • If sponsors/exhibitors desire extra/personal security, please contact [email protected].


  • The electric connection to the booth – from the electric distributor to the circuit breaker of the booth – will be established by the official electric contractor of HUNGEXPO LTD Ltd. at the cost of the customer. In case of ordering connections above 25 kW please ask HUNGEXPO LTD for a proposal. Please note that their offer will include the flat-rate consumption.
  • HUNGEXPO Ltd staff reserve the right to disconnect electrical installations if they are not properly installed or pose a safety threat to the exhibition
  • HUNGEXPO Ltd reserves the right to cross over stands, corridors or structures to deliver technical services to other stands or areasThe sponsor/exhibitor is responsible for calculating the power necessary for their elements/installations to be connected, together with the necessary voltage. Electric works within the booth may only be carried out by licensed contractors or experts.
  • If an exhibitor/sponsor brings their own switchboard it is compulsory to connect it to the electrical switchboard provided by HUNGEXPO Ltd and to inform HUNGEXPO Ltd how to connect them
  • The venue can only provide electricity from the floor. No ceiling power points are available at the venue
  • If exhibitors/sponsors want cabling cover, this must be requested from HUNGEXPO Ltd
  • Socket/electrical extensions will be delivered next to the electrical box. Exhibitors/sponsors have to place sockets/electrical extensions at the right locations
  • At the end of the exhibition hours each day, all stand lights must be switched off. Stand staff should check their stand spotlights are switched off. If this is not done, ISUOG or the venue reserve the right to and will not be liable for any damage or disruption caused
  • At the end of the exhibition hours each day, all electricity will be switched off. If sponsors/exhibitors require 24 hour electricity for some devices (not lights), exhibitors MUST order 24hr mains supply.
  • In the event the electric installations or the materials used for installation fail to conform to European Union and Hungarian standards, HUNGEXPO LTD Ltd. May reject the electric connection request of the exhibitor.
  • The connection of electricity and electric main lines to HUNGEXPO LTD Ltd.’s network at the booth is required for all exhibitors who need electricity (lighting of the booth or displayed products, electricity supply to machines and equipment, including refrigerators). This service includes the contact protection measurements as well.
  • The electricity demand ordered on the Energy Supply Service Order Form must be confirmed on the Connection Permit before the opening of the exhibitions, and can be changed in accordance with the power demand of the electric equipment installed at the booth. The electricity request shall be submitted according to the total electric load occurring at the booth. In the event the electric contractor orders an amount without agreeing with the exhibitor, the difference arising from ordering access capacity – in case of complaint –shall be settled between the contractor and the exhibitor among themselves.
  • HUNGEXPO LTD Ltd. does not bear any responsibilities in case of power outages or power breaks.
  • The exhibitors shall not refuse the installation and routing of the public utility connection lines of neighboring exhibitors within their respective areas.
  • The exhibitors shall be obliged to provide access to the floor outlets, by cutting the floor, structure or any other parts of the booths, or leaving free the connection locations. The exhibitor shall be held responsible for all costs or damages incurring from failure to observe this requirement and from hindering the public utility connection and troubleshooting activities.
  • The basic electric network of HUNGEXPO Ltd Ltd. is a 5-line network in line with the relevant standards. The null and earth wires are separated in accordance with contact protection requirements. In line with the regulations, the switching cabinets are equipped with relays (MSZ 2364).
  • According to Hungarian standards the installation of a main circuit breaker and main switch is mandatory for all booth requiring electric connections (even if the booth will operate only one power outlet or lamp).


  • The technical specifications of machines requiring individual water connection must be sent to HUNGEXPO LTD Ltd. 1 month prior to the opening of the exhibition. Special water-drainage connection requirements should be ordered separately. Pressure in pavilions is 0.2 Mpa (2.0 bar) and is available through outlets before the central pressure reducer.
  • The exhibitor cannot reuse utility connections for the neighbouring stands, or leading these through his stand.
  • The exhibitor is obliged to ensure the accessibility of the floor shafts by cutting the cover, the structure, etc. and by leavingfree the places of the connections. If failing this obligation or hindering the works of connecting to the utility networks and works of correcting errors the exhibitor has to assume the liability.
  • Please note that HUNGEXPO LTD Ltd does not guarantee the quality of water.
  • The water connection ordered will be provided by a contractor hired by HUNGEXPO LTD C.Co. Ltd. as a transferred service and the costs will be invoiced accordingly to the Inrush permit. 


It is the responsibility of the sponsor/exhibitor to order WiFi and/or fixed lines from HUNGEXPO Ltd.

Furniture hire

  • Any materials rented from HUNGEXPO Ltd must be returned in the same condition as it was delivered
  • HUNGEXPO Ltd will bill the sponsor/exhibitor for any materials hired that are not on the stand at the time of collection during breakdown
  • Exhibitors/sponsors are responsible for any keys provided with doors/storage cupboards - lost keys will be charged to the exhibitor/sponsor
  • It is the responsibility of the sponsor/exhibitor to confirm that rental equipment fits within their space/stand


Daily cleaning of the aisles and common areas will be carried out in the exhibition area. Should you require your stand to be specifically cleaned during the event or to order waste removal during the exhibition build and break down please see ‘supplier contact list’.

Waste removal

Any small sized waste will be collected from the small waste bins by the HUNGEXPO Ltd cleaning team (frequently during the whole Congress). Should you require your stand to be specifically cleaned during the event or order waste removal during the exhibition build and break down please submit the HUNGEXPO Ltd booking form to [email protected]. See pricing below.
Please note that a waste removal fee is payable as follows:
1-20 sqm: 27 EUR
21-40 sqm: 53 EUR
41-60 sqm: 80 EUR
Above 61 sqm: 106 EUR

Carpet flooring

The exhibition hall flooring is concrete. Only shell scheme stands will be provided with carpet as part of their package.
Carpeting is an exclusive service which can only be carried out by the designated subcontractor of HUNGEXPO Ltd.

Digital signage

It is possible to book digital signage at the venue during the Congress. This must be booked via ISUOG, in advance. If you are interested in this, please email [email protected].
Deadline: 14-Jun-24


Catering services can only be provided by HUNGEXPO Ltd via [email protected]. Exhibitors/sponsors cannot bring their own catering or catering equipment.

Feight forwarding and logistics

Consignments for events hosted at the premises of HUNGEXPO LTD Ltd. are to be dispatched to the following address:
Schenker Kft.
1101 Budapest, Albertirsai út 10. / II-es Kapu
Any correspondence or delivery label should include the following:
  • Name of event
  • Name of exhibitor
  • Hall and stand number
  • Requested time of delivery
Other delivery companies cannot perform the delivery of goods at the halls. Consignments brought to the event are to be dispatched to the on-site offices of Schenker (building no. 2). Schenker Kft. is responsible for all on-site delivery of goods. If the goods to be delivered do not exceed 10 kg of weight, the customer requesting the goods may receive the goods at the offices of Schenker Kft. (building no. 2) Insofar as the weight of the goods exceeds 10 kg, goods can only be received at the stand where Schenker Kft. will deliver the goods for a fee.
The consignments of the delivery companies are to be forwarded to the warehouses of Schenker Kft. after clearing customs.
Please bear in mind that we cannot perform on-site customs clearance, therefore goods should be delivered DDP (duty paid).
The removal of Hungarian goods shall take place via the vehicles of the Exhibitor, Lessor or stand constructing contractor with shipment authorisation and with a delivery note or cargo manifest. The license plate number of the vehicle performing the delivery must be included on the shipment authorisation form. The Security Service at the gate will reserve one shipment authorisation per vehicle at the gate upon leaving the premises; entry and residing with the premises will take place in accordance with the contents of item no. 1.
During the construction and takedown period of events, vehicles performing the delivery of goods, equipment, fittings and work equipment to and from the premises shall have a valid delivery note or the letter of commission of the event/exhibition and valid entry badges for the driver and individuals residing with the vehicle - who may enter the premises during the daily opening hours and reside there only for the duration of the loading.
The Security Service of HUNGEXPO LTD Ltd. is authorised to inspect the delivery note or Exhibitor letter of commission and the cargo of vehicles. The removal of goods on foot is only possible with a shipment authorisation or preliminary written permission and - in the case of purchased goods - with a receipt. HUNGEXPO LTD Ltd. may place limitations on delivery and loading or prescribe a schedule for said activities.
The supplementary instruments for loading and handling - cart, manually operated hydraulic pallet lift - will be provided by the Exhibitor, Lessee or their supplier or subcontractor.
Due to security and property protection reasons, all delivery activities, lifting and handling, loading, warehousing, empty crate and packings management, customs agent and other transport services in relation to events hosted within the premises of HUNGEXPO LTD Ltd. can only be performed by Schenker Kft. (tel/fax: 264-8271, e-mail: [email protected], www.schenker.hu).
This does not include the loading and unloading of goods from and to tail lift trucks and crane trucks insofar as the registration of the Hungarian truck features the name of the Exhibitor, Lessee or stand construction firm or its subcontractor and the goods delivered in this manner are owned by the Exhibitor, Lessee, stand construction firm in question or its contractor. The entrance of self-owned vehicles of Exhibitors, Lessor or their stand-constructing firms will take place via the designated gate.
The entrance of crane trucks with a domestic transport license and vehicles with a foreign license plate can only take place through the designated gate in accordance with the contents of item no. 1.


General information


Please see the travel and accommodation page for more information.

Closing meeting with ISUOG

All exhibitors are welcome to attend our Exhibitors’ Closing Meeting onsite. An invitation with date, time and room details will be emailed to you prior to the meeting. This is your chance to provide feedback to the Organisers for future Congresses. We hope you will be able to attend.


ISUOG strives to hold educational and scientific congresses and events that are independent and compliant with international Exhibition and Sponsorship standards and best practices. All Exhibitors and Sponsors participating in ISUOG congresses and events are recommended to consult their internal and external compliance processes as it is their responsibility to comply with any laws or regulations that pertain to their particular industry. Whilst ISUOG will endeavour to support all Exhibitors and Sponsors to meet their own compliance standards whilst participating in ISUOG congresses and events, ISUOG is not liable in any way for Exhibitors or Sponsors not complying to legal, ethical and industry standards.
EACCME compliance in industry communications: ISUOG applies for EACCME accreditation each year. EACCME states that "the EACCME© accepts that when a commercial company supports an event, the company can announce the event via their website or social media but not via mailing".

Data protection

As a sponsor or exhibitor on this event, you will be able to connect with all delegates onsite, if the delegates wishes to. Once any delegate agrees to their information being shared with sponsor/exhibitors via the registration form or face-to-face contact, that sponsor/exhibitor becomes a data controller in relation to the shared data. This includes complying by all relevant data protection laws, including having a complaints procedure in place and an option of opting-out of receipt of any communications from you. Exhibitors are expected to respect data protection regulations in relation to this event and any information that is presented in the context of the event. Delegate information may not be used for any purpose other than that agreed in advance in writing with the Organisers.


All best endeavours will be made to present the program as printed. However, the Organisers and its agents reserve the right to alter or cancel without prior notice, any of the arrangements, timetables, plans or other items relating directly or indirectly to the Congress for any reason beyond its reasonable control. The Organiser and its agents are not liable for any loss or inconvenience caused as a result of such alteration. 

Duplications and recordings

Photography, audiotaping, video recording, digital taping or any other form of duplication is not permitted under any circumstances in session halls or public places. Filming is permitted in all private rooms (e.g. Hospitality Suites and Meeting Rooms). Sponsors/exhibitors are responsible for arranging the necessary permissions/logistics to record any content in these rooms. ISUOG is not responsible for any failure to arrange consent with individuals featuring in these recordings.

Emergency telephone numbers

If you have an urgent requirement at the venue please find an ISUOG member of staff. In case of an emergency please contact any venue security guard and they will assess the situation.  Please note the emergency number in Hungary is 112 and from there you will be redirected accordingly ie police, ambulance, fire department.

Lost property

Please hand any lost property to the staff at the registration desks where it will be made available for collection. At the end of the Congress, any unclaimed items will be disposed of.


All exhibitors/sponsors are expected to have paid in full for their stands/rooms/services and any additional activities in advance of the Congress. If any sums remain outstanding at the time of registration, exhibitors/sponsors are required to settle the outstanding amounts in full by credit card before they may enter the venue. Build will not be allowed if a balance is outstanding.
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please be aware of the increase in cybercrime and fraud, and be vigilant when reviewing any sponsor/exhibitor invoices you receive. If you receive an invoice pertaining to be from ISUOG that contains different bank details to those you have already been given, or a sudden request for urgent payment, or the invoice is sent from an email address other than [email protected], please contact our Finance team immediately by phone (+44 (0)20 7471 9955) or email ([email protected] copying [email protected]) to check the invoice is valid. ISUOG (the organiser) will not be liable for any monetary loss caused by hacking and/or fraudulent invoices. In the case that this happens, any outstanding payments for sponsorship/exhibition packages will still be due. It is the responsibility of the sponsor/exhibitor to carry out due diligence and contact the organiser when there is any doubt about the legitimacy of invoices or other payment requests.

Smoking policy

Smoking is prohibited in all public indoor areas, including private areas of exhibition space.

Social events

All stand personnel are invited to attend the welcome reception on a complimentary basis and to make the most of these excellent networking opportunities. You are also invited to purchase tickets and join us for our Congress party. For more information on these events, please visit the social program page or contact the organisers with any queries.

Terms and conditions

The full sponsorship/exhibition terms and conditions can be found here.


If you have any questions that are not answered by the above technical manual, please contact [email protected].