Ovarian masses: Imaging and Management is a key topic at this years ISUOG World Congress.


Ultrasound allows a proper triage in the management of ovarian masses: i.e. expectant management, minimally invasive surgery, or extensive oncological surgery. The IOTA methodology provides tools for accurate reporting of sonographic features and reliable malignant risk prediction. During the ISUOG World Congress, you will get the unique opportunity to optimize your knowledge and ultrasound skills in reporting ovarian masses. Moreover, cutting-edge research on the topic including artificial intelligence will be discussed.

Quote from ISUOG's Scientific Committee Vice Chair Thierry Van Den Bosch Senior Clinical Investigator of the Scienfitic Research Fund - (FWO) Flanders, Belgium


  • Which descriptors are most useful to classify adnexal masses?
  • What imaging tools are most useful for discerning malignancy in adnexal masses?
  • What AI tools are available today to aid in the diagnosis of adnexal malignancy?


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