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Program - Fertility

Friday 16 October and Sunday 18 October (BST) 
Full program available here and here.
Workshop: Preserving fertility in women diagnosed with a gynecological pathology
  • Role of intra-operative ultrasound in gynecological surgery - Joseph Yazbek (UK)
  • Oocyte cryopreservation versus ovarian tissue cryopreservation - Cezar-Diaz Garcia (Spain)
  • Does uterine transplantation have a role to play? - Srdjan Saso (UK)
  • Treating endometriosis: key lessons and features - Mathew Leonardi (Canada)
  • Use of ultrasound during operative procedures on the uterus - Thierry Van den Bosch (Belgium)
Workshop: Diagnostic and management challenges with Asherman’s syndrome
  • Risk factors, diagnosis and clinical relevance of intrauterine adhesions versus true Asherman’s syndrome - Nick Raine-Fenning (UK)
  • How do you manage these patients surgically: from hysteroscopy to transplantation - Srdjan Saso (UK)
  • Managing Asherman’s: clinical perspectives - Mark Emanuel (Netherlands)
  • Tissue engineering and female infertility: focus on Asherman’s - Maxine Chan (UK)
OC: Using ultrasound in reproductive medicine - details available here.
Masterclass: How to use ultrasound to investigate and manage women with endometriosis who are struggling to conceive?
  • Scan demonstration: Planning endometriosis surgery using transrectal ultrasound - George Condous (Australia)
  • Video masterclass: matching the ultrasound picture to the surgical findings in endometriosis patients - Matthew Leonardi  (Canada)
Hub: Ultrasound in fertility preservation and restoration
Hub: In conversation with Nick Raine-Fenning: the role of 3D ultrasound and using ultrasound to assess fertility patients
Hub: Gynecology poster discussion: early pregnancy, fertility and endometriosis 

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Video lectures 

Masterclass: How to evaluate a patient presenting with infertility with a single scan (B. Benacerraf)

Watch this exclusively released lecture, delivered at ISUOG's 29th World Congress. Other resources available below. 

Nov 7, 2018

Fibroids, polyps and congenital abnormalities found on a baseline fertility scan: what should you advise your patients about treatment

This lecture was delivered at ISUOG's World Congress in Singapore, in 2018.

Nov 15, 2019

First Cesarean Section and subsequent infertility

Aug 24, 2018

Technical advances in sub-fertility

This lecture was delivered at ISUOG's World Congress in Barcelona, in 2014.

Nov 15, 2019

Intraoperative ultrasound during fertility-sparing surgery: a systematic review and practical applications

Jul 2, 2018

What ultrasound tells us about a women’s reproductive function?

This lecture was delivered at ISUOG's World Congress in Vienna, in 2017.


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