Take a look at our Hubs program, to find out about some of the live, interactive Hub sessions that will take place during the ISUOG Virtual World Congress 2020.

We will host six live poster discussion Hubs where you can hear about some of the top posters and discuss their findings with their authors and other delegates. 
Seven live debate Hubs will address topical issues such as Routine CMV screening, Laser for selective IUGR, MRI in case of suspicion of abnormal placentation, Ultrasound versus MRI for diagnosis of CNS anomalies, One first trimester scan versus two, Ultrasound in the labour ward, and Is pre-eclampsia a placental disease.
Live ISUOG Hubs led by Reem Abu-Rustum and Lisbet Hanson will update you on ISUOG Basic Training and Outreach. In conversation with Hubs will allow you to meet live with Nick Raine-Fenning, Joachim Hackelöer, Tom Bourne, Ilan Timor-Tritsch and others.
Maya Al-Memar and Chiara Landolfo, part of the ISUOG Next Generation group, will chair a live Hub on the Principles of Research. The ISUOG Next Generation group will also run two live End of day sessions Hubs each day, to summarise the highlights and key learnings of that day. Join these to discuss your thoughts on the day, or to find out what you missed so that you can catch up and watch it on-demand later.
See the full program here.