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Program - Predicting late obstetric complications

Sunday 18 October - PM (BST) 
Full program available here.
Workshop: Prediction of the great obstetric syndromes
  • Literature review - Eduardo Becker (Brazil)
  • The heart of the matter - Basky Thilaganathan (UK)
  • Challenging the definition of pre-eclampsia - Fabricio da Silva Costa (Brazil)
  • Late FGR - Christoph Lees (UK)
  • Prediction of macrosomia - Jon Hyett (Australia)
  • First trimester uterine artery Doppler - Fatima Crispi (Spain)
OC: Prediction and prevention of pregnancy complications - details available here.
Masterclass: Ultrasound in improving perinatal outcomes
  • Use, misuse and abuse of ultrasound in LMICs - Gerard Visser (the Netherlands)
  • Universal cervical length screening - Zarko Alfirevic (UK)
Hub: Debate: Is pre-eclampsia a placental disease?
Stefan Verlohren versus Basky Thilaganathan

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Video lectures 

Value of universal third trimester ultrasonography as predictor of adverse perinatal outcome at term

Watch this exclusively released lecture, delivered at ISUOG's 29th World Congress. Other resources available below. 

ISUOG Guidelines

VISUOG articles

Anal atresia main pic.png

Anal atresia

Anal atresia refers to the congenital absence or blockage of the anus and is part of a wider spectrum of anorectal malformations. Most cases are diagnosed postnatally, but identification of the fetal perianal muscular complex in the second and third trimester has been shown to be feasible.

PP main pic.png

Placenta previa

Placenta previa is diagnosed when the placenta overlies or is close to the internal cervical os, obstructing delivery. The incidence is of 5 in 1000 deliveries and it has recently increased due to the rise in cesarean deliveries. PP is associated with a higher risk of adverse maternal outcomes.



Miscarriage is the most common complication of pregnancy, and affects 25% of women who have been pregnant by the age of 39 years. It is essential that ultrasound diagnosis is made with 100% specificity, so that there is no danger of inadvertent termination of a viable pregnancy.

Basic Training videos

Lecture 15: The 20 + 2 planes approach to the routine mid-trimester scan

This lecture was delivered by Dr Trish Chudleigh at ISUOG's Basic Training Programme in Singapore, in October 2018.

Lecture 24: Making a decision: normal or not?

This lecture was delivered by Dr Titia Cohen-Overbeek at ISUOG's Basic Training Course in Chennai, in September 2018.

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