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Program - The labour ward

Full program available here.
Workshop: How to deliver the best of ultrasound in the delivery room       
  • AoP and HPD: tips and tricks - Boris Tutschek (Switzerland)
  • Predicting outcome of labour - Sana Usman (UK)
  • Is ultrasound useful in monitoring dynamic change in the second stage? - Birgitte Kahrs (Norway)
  • Using ultrasound at assisted delivery - Larry Hinkson (Germany)
OC: Ultrasound on the labour ward - details available here
Masterclass: How to use ultrasound in the labour ward
  • How to use ultrasound in the labor ward: theory - Christoph Lees (UK)
  • How to use ultrasound in the labor ward: video demonstration - Torbjorn Eggebo (Norway)
Hub: Debate: Ultrasound in the labour ward? What!? Why!?

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Video lectures 

Intrapartum ultrasound (T. Ghi)

Watch this exclusively released lecture, delivered at ISUOG's 29th World Congress. Other resources available below. 


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