Find out about the sessions that will address the topic of early pregnancy, meet the faculty including Shabnam Bobdiwala, and supplement your learning with other ISUOG resources.

Program - Early pregnancy

Saturday 17 October - AM and PM (BST) 
Full program available here.
Workshop: How do you investigate and treat women presenting with recurrent miscarriage?
  • What causes recurrent pregnancy loss: what the science tells us - Lesley Regan (UK)
  • How do you assess the uterus for congenital abnormalities and focal pathology: does it make any difference if you treat what you find? - Nick Raine-Fenning (UK)
  • What blood tests do you do? Do any of them actually matter? - Siobhan Quenby (UK)
  • Is it useful to test for chromosomal abnormalities in women with recurrent miscarriage: can NIPT do the job? - Antoni Borrell (Spain)
  • Pulling it together: an overview of current guidance to investigate your patient with recurrent miscarriage - Maya Al Memar (UK)

OC: Managing complications in early pregnancy - details available here.

Masterclass: Managing early pregnancy complications
  • How to interpret serum hCG and progesterone values in patients with a PUL - Shabnam Bobdiwala (UK)
  • Management of non-tubal ectopic pregnancy - Dirk Timmerman (Belgium)
  • The optimal management of vomiting in pregnancy - Nicola Mitchel-Jones (UK)

Hub: In conversation with Tom Bourne: early pregnancy, ovarian masses – the development of gynecological ultrasound

Hub: Gynecology poster discussion: early pregnancy, fertility and endometriosis 

Meet the faculty - ‚Äč Early pregnancy

I am Shabnam Bobdiwala, a UK trainee in O&G with a special interest in early pregnancy and acute gynaecology. I co-lead the gynaecology component of the ISUOG Basic Training programme and am the editor for the early pregnancy component of VISUOG – the visual encyclopaedia created by ISUOG.
I have a research interest in early pregnancy and completed my PhD at Imperial College London on women with a pregnancy of unknown location and ectopic pregnancy.
We all recognise that ectopic pregnancy remains the leading early-pregnancy related cause of maternal mortality in the UK and how important research in these areas is. ISUOG has always been a championing platform for the most up to date evidence in this field, as well as other early pregnancy related conditions such as miscarriage.
We will also be showcasing new developments in the management of ovarian masses, endometriosis and uterine pathology. The best international experts will be gathered to present this evidence with the ultimate aim of helping you best manage your patients in daily clinical practice.
Join ISUOG and myself at our Virtual World Congress, 16-18 October 2020 and we hope to see you at the early pregnancy and gynaecology sessions.

Shabnam Bobdiwala


Supplement your learning - Early pregnancy

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Video lectures 

Diagnosing miscarriage and markers predicting likely pregnancy failure

Watch this exclusively released lecture, delivered at ISUOG's 29th World Congress. Other resources available below. 

Nov 6, 2018

The psychological consequences of early pregnancy complications

This lecture was delivered at ISUOG's World Congress in Singapore, in 2018.

Nov 6, 2018

Avoiding diagnostic error in early pregnancy

This lecture was delivered at ISUOG's World Congress in Singapore, in 2018.

Nov 15, 2019

Early pregnancy biomarkers for the prediction of first trimester viability

ISUOG Guidelines

VISUOG articles

Abnormal 4-chamber views main pic.JPG1

Abnormal 4-chamber view

Explore chapters on the abnormal 4 chamber view.



Miscarriage is the most common complication of pregnancy, and affects 25% of women who have been pregnant by the age of 39 years. It is essential that ultrasound diagnosis is made with 100% specificity, so that there is no danger of inadvertent termination of a viable pregnancy.


Tubal Ectopic Pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy is defined as the presence of a pregnancy outside the uterine cavity, the commonest location being the fallopian tube. They account for 1-2% of pregnancies in the UK and may be as high as 4% with assisted conception.

Basic Training videos

Lecture 6: Assessing the normal pregnancy between 4 and 10 weeks in singleton and twin pregnancies

This lecture was delivered by Dr Shabnam Bobdiwala at ISUOG's Basic Training Course in Chennai, in September 2018.

Lecture 7: Assessing the normal pregnancy between 10 and 14 weeks in singleton and twin pregnancies

This lecture was delivered by Dr Trish Chadleigh at ISUOG's Basic Training Course in Chennai, in September 2018.

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