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Program - Ovarian masses

Friday 16 October - AM (BST) 
Full program available here.
Workshop: Seeing an ovarian mass on ultrasound: what do I do next? Diagnosis and IOTA principles
  • Terms and definitions used to describe ovarian masses: the key to getting it right - J. Preisler (Chile)
  • IOTA descriptors and simple rules: what are the ultrasound features and how to use the rules. Can they be applied to all masses? - T. Bourne (UK)
  • The IOTA ADNEX model: what variables are used and how to interpret the results - L. Valentin (Sweden)
  • Using ADNEX to assign a risk of ovarian cancer to use in the ORAD’s system - W. Froyman (Belgium)
  • Using the IOTA approach to classify ovarian masses in clinical practice: case examples - C. Landolfo (Italy); M. Al Memar (UK)
OC: Classifying and managing ovarian masses - details available here.
Masterclass: How to use ultrasound to investigate and manage women with endometriosis who are struggling to conceive?
  • The evolution of the use of ultrasound to diagnose endometriosis: from soft markers to today’s state of the art - George Condous (Australia)
  • Video masterclass: matching the ultrasound picture to the surgical findings in endometriosis patients - Matthew Leonardi  (Canada)
Hub: In conversation with Tom Bourne: early pregnancy, ovarian masses – the development of gynecological ultrasound
Hub: Gynecology poster discussion: ovarian masses and oncology

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IOTA descriptors and simple rules: what are the ultrasound features and how to use the rules. Can they be applied to all masses?

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Ovarian masses

Explore sub-sections on tumors of epithelial origin, germ cell tumors, and stromal and sex-cord cell tumors and the chapters on borderline ovarian tumor and on metastases to the ovary.

Basic Training lectures

For a comprehensive introduction to ovarian masses, please see our Basic Training lectures on gynecology:

Lecture 25: Gynecological ultrasound: the basics

This lecture was delivered by Dr Shabnam Bobdiwala at ISUOG's Basic Training Programme in Singapore, in October 2018.

Lecture 25

This lecture was delivered by Dr Chiara Landolfo at ISUOG's Basic Training Programme , Singapore, 20 October 2018.

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