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Program - fetal anomalies 

Saturday 17 October - Full program available here.
Workshop: How do I diagnose and manage this anomaly?   
  • Literature review - Harsha Shah (UK)
  • Case presentations - Lou Pistorius (South Africa), Dario Paladini (Italy), Bryann Bromley (USA)
  • Scan demonstration: how do I optimise my second trimester picture - Karl Oliver Kagan (Germany)
OC: Screening for chromosomal anomalies - details available here.
Masterclass: Taking the second trimester anomaly scan a step further
  • Tips and tricks in renal ultrasound: how to get to the right diagnosis
  • Ultrasound and ciliopathies - Rabih Chaoui (Germany)

Supplement your learning - Fetal anomalies

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Video lectures 

Live scan: fetal anomalies head to toe [Supported by Canon]

Watch this exclusively released lecture, delivered at ISUOG's 29th World Congress. Other resources available below. 

Nov 6, 2018

Prenatal assessment and the prognosis in the fetuses with congenital pulmonary airway malformation

This lecture was delivered at ISUOG's World Congress in Singapore, in 2018.

Nov 6, 2018

Invited talk: can we modify the natural history of fetal anomalies

This lecture was delivered at ISUOG's World Congress in Singapore, in 2018.

Nov 6, 2018

Fetal stomach position for prognostication in left-sided congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH): a systematic review and meta-analysis

This lecture was delivered at ISUOG's World Congress in Singapore, in 2018.


VISUOG articles

Hydrometrocolpos title img.jpg


Hydrocolpos and hydrometrocolpos are suggested when a midline intraabdominal cyst is identified posterior to the bladder and extends to the perineum in a female fetus.

arthrogryposis pic 1.png


Arthrogryposes – multiple joint contractures – are a clinically and etiologically heterogeneous class of diseases, where accurate diagnosis, recognition of the underlying pathology and classification are of key importance for the prognosis as well as for the selection of appropriate management.

Mesenteric cyst Header.png

Mesenteric cyst

A mesenteric cyst is suggested when an avascular, thin-walled, anechoic midline cystic intraabdominal mass is identified in the fetus. These cysts can be uni- or multilocular, and of variable size and multilocular cysts can extend to the abdominal wall, buttocks, or fetal legs. They are thought to arise from obstructed lymphatic drainage.

Basic Training videos

Lecture 12: Distinguishing between normal and abnormal appearances of the fetal anatomy

This lecture was delivered by Dr Reem Abu-Rustum at ISUOG's Basic Training Programme in Singapore, in October 2018.

Lecture 13: Distinguishing between normal & abnormal fetal size & growth patterns in singleton & twin pregnancies

This lecture was delivered by Dr Roopa Shinde at ISUOG's Basic Training Course in Chennai, in September 2018.

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